Training Plan with Odd Work Schedule

Just got TR and enjoying the workouts so far. Need some advice on training plan. Just got back into road cycling after a six year layoff with an eye towards racing next year (gravel, mtb, and/or crits). I have an odd work schedule that messes with the structure of any plan, though. Firefighter working 24 on - 24 off - 24 on - 24 off - 24 on - 96 off. I lift weights at work and also occasionally go on outdoor group rides 30 -50 miles at speeds ranging from retirees to “A” rides. I also mountain bike a few times per week.

Current aerobic base is garbage because all of my workouts are structured around the demands of my job (straight anerobic work for 10 minutes straight, recover at total rest for a few minutes, repeat). I’ve found I can hang with the local fast guys on a “punchy” ride / surge and recover but fast steady state just grinds me into the ground.

If I do SSB low volume and just move the workouts onto my free days it condenses a six week plan to four, defeating the structure of the plan. If I leave it stretched out to six weeks it doesn’t seem like much TS. Mid volume seems like a bit much for my work / life schedule.

Should I:

(1) Do low volume over the full 6 weeks and sub an outdoor ride for an interval?

(2) Do low volume over the full 6 weeks and do easy outside rides on top of it?

(3) Condense the low volume into less time based on my schedule + one of the two options above?

(4) Some other option?

Bearing in mind that I have to maintain “level 3” general strength for my job.

I’d say 2 and then you can adjust whether you do the additional rides depending on how well you feel you’re recovering from work and the plan rides.

Also, there was a Kona qualifying ff last year on the podcast who talked about his work and fitting in training; maybe there will be some helpful insight there.

Yeah, I’d do 2 too. Keep in mind that if you change nothing else in your schedule, you’re still adding 3 high-intensity workouts to your week.
If you find you can handle a bit more, you could always swap a workout for it’s +1, +2 etc version, instead of adding extra sessions with the mid-vol plan.