Too much in a week?

Hi all,
Newbie to trainer road, and while I am enjoying the challenge and structure, I am struggling to fit the workouts into my weekly schedule around work and my other training.
I’m on the low volume plan (3 workouts a week), however, I also teach spin twice a week, and weight train twice a week, and have a long ride on the weekend. This schedule leaves me with no rest days. I would love to know how everyone else juggles training with their busy lives.


can be challanging at times.Mostly i do workouts while rest of the family is resting. During summer time this is easier to do while here in northern hemisphere there is light to ride easily 20 hours per day. During the winter there are practically no daylight after work so then training happens indoors often very late after kids go to sleep. i use my daily commutes to work as active rest rides. This also add nicely 2+ hours volume to week volume.

I usually add volume on week days mornings by riding around 2h fasted starting around 6am. TR training after work or late evening after kids are at sleep. Weight trainings i mostly do lunch time during the weekdays or meanwhile kid is on soccer practice. Longer rides I do only during the weekends. Usually i start again early to ride 2-3 h alone then joining to group ride to get 4-5+h workouts.

With this practice i can fit during winter times 10+ hours and during summer 20+ hours of exersice. I keep usually one rest day per week. If i feel or see from metrics that i am tired i add extra rest days/ very easy rides instead of TR workout. To do this i know that the training at the odd hours are not optimal but this is not my profession after all.


Depends on priorities - if you teach spin I assume you don’t want to let your clients down so I would suggest either dropping the weekend workout on TR and keep the long ride if you enjoy it. Or drop a weights session and move the TR workout to that day. This is the strategy I would use if you race as you could probably fit in most of your strength work in a single session (I do) and time on the bike will lead to more performance gains. If you don’t race keep the 2 weights sessions for variety. What you shouldn’t do is try and squeeze the whole lot in and leave yourself with no rest day - especially as all of LV is intensity!

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I fortunately can squeeze in a rest day or two around my plan but I do a lot of outdoor riding. IMC I drop the intensity of the mid week workout (although with BST it looks like the paceline is restarting which will raise the intensity substituting for that. Or very rarely if I run out of time to do it I drop the midweek workout altogether having commuted I don’t feel that I’m missing much. IYC I would be tempted to drop one, especially as you are spinning twice a week.

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Either double up your hard days, for instance high intensity same days as your weights, or simply drop at least one Trainer Road workout. You could also consider following the polarised plan, with the long ride counting as one of your sessions.

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