Irregular training

I have a very irregular work schedule. I work about five 16 hour days in a row and then have about six days off. I love to ride and have started using TR about 6 months ago but struggle to pick a plan that fits in my weird schedule. I’ve been using the low volume plan. On my off weeks I feel like I’m wasting a lot of days but during my work stretches there is no time to train. Any suggestions?? I’m 57 years old and my main goal is to be competitive in my weekly group ride with my 50-70 year old friends.

That’s tough. You’ll have to design a very custom training plan. You can basically do one week on / one week “off”.

During the five 16 hour days I’d try to jump on the trainer for 30 minutes a day or even for just 2/3 of the days just to maintain fitness and not detrain.

Train normally during your 6 days off.

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If you’re job doesn’t require being physically rested then I’d try packing what you can into those 6 days. Maybe something like hard / medium / hard / rest / medium / hard. It’d probably take some trial and error to determine what constitutes hard etc. The plans do this to some degree (and say what days are relatively harder/easier when laying the plan out in calendar.

You’ll probably be pretty tired by the beginning of your work shift, though.

I like that thought. I am currently doing the low volume plan. I may try switch to mid volume and push every other week back. Sounds like a life experiment waiting to happen.

check out the maintenance plans, maybe you can cherry pick a workout or two as needed or as they fit. they tend to be intense but short. Thats a difficult schedule to follow for anyone