Training plan with 2wk on & 1 week recovery instead of 3:1

In Plan Builder, is there a way to have 2 wks on and then 1 week recovery ?
From what I’ve seen, all the plans are 3wks on and 1wk recovery.
Maybe i could force it but that’s not the same.

I just watched a TR youtube from 2020 about overtraining
where @Nate_Pearson said he might try a 2:1 ratio himself.

This is not possible in Plan Builder at this time.

@mcneese.chad - wasn’t it you that was tinkering with a 2:1 plan a while back for masters? I remember a big thread, but I can’t find it. Or maybe it was @bbarrera/@WindWarrior?

Yup, pre-Adaptive Training, I compiled and applied the following methods based upon what I suspect is the set of comments made by Nate long ago.

Sadly though, with the removal of the Push-Pull tools, this method is not possible without adding a ton more manual labor.

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Nate asked Coach Chad, and shared some tips. I think that was sometime in 2018 under the bbarrera screen name. Now I’m mostly 3:1 but not using tr plans.

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I haven’t tried this but was thinking you could just put down a “time off” week every third week on the calendar and then just ride endurance that week? I little more effort but I would think this would be a possible workout.


No easy solution without push and pull.

An option is to use plan builder…get your plan laid out. You then look at where your build weeks are and insert a week off in the plan and rerun plan builder. It takes playing around and may need to move some workouts around. I attempted this last fall. Wasnt easy and left some odd looking layouts.

I just found 2:1 for build weeks worked better.

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Last year, I was doing 2:1 self coaching. This year i used TR Plan Builder ( and 3:1) and it worked well during Base but after Build phase and 3 races in June-July, I feel toast all the time. I understand it’s the sum of many many factors, multiple races, stresses… and the current heat plays a role as well.

I tapered and rested a week before & after each race (2 HIM and a 100milers MTB) . I can do Sweetspot wo and Vo2 but bailed out early of a threshold wo. AI FTP detected something and dropped my TR FTP by 1 watt :flushed: On a 3h endurance outdoor unstructured ride today I did IF=60% and it didn’t feel easy.

I have one block of training before IM Canada and i think i’ll take it easy until then.

Next year, i need to remember to do 2:1 so i don’t dig myself into a hole during build.


I’d like to get the discussion going again on this topic and hear from @Nate_Pearson or someone else on the product development team whether it’s something TR is working on. Considering the regular reminders you hear to get your recovery in on the Ask A Cycling Coach pod, the flexibility and customization to individual training performance and real-life breaks that are at the core of the Plan Builder philosophy, and the success others have reported with a 2:1 approach, let alone the way some beat up on TR for overtraining its athletes, I’d think 2 weeks on, 1 week recovery would/should/could be a priority. How do you feel about it?