How to insert additional recovery weeks into your plan builder (the right way)?

Hello, I am looking to insert additional recovery weeks into my plan builder program for 2023 that I will be starting soon as I wrap up polarized part 2.
I would like to try 2:1 work to recovery weeks.

In sweet spot base 1 and 2 there is no recovery week in either 6 week block until the last week, 6.
In build it is a 3:1 work to recovery week cadence.

How is it best to insert a recovery week more frequently that TR is prescribing, while keeping everything else in my plan builder, adaptive training, … intact?
I have read some hacks and work arounds but none seem like the best way to do it (e.g. create fake A races the week before).
I have also found some other posts that are pre adaptive training.
Should you “add” a recovery week where you want it, effectively making each phase longer (i.e. 7 weeks instead 6 for SSB 1 & 2)?
Or should you replace a work week with a recovery week, keeping the phase at the same length (e.g. 6 weeks for sweet spot base 1 & 2)?
Thank you

I think you can add holiday during plan builder process. If on a plan I think official advice would be to go via Annotation in calendar and put in time off / holiday (which I have mixed feelings about because iirc there were reports that it just canceled that week even if another recovery week follows etc.).

Thank you.
I think I also read about putting in an annotation of time off or something else, however, my challenge with this is that for the week, I am not planning to be off the bike.
My plan is just to ride all zone 2 for recovery.

Maybe there isn’t a way to “alter” what is being prescribed unless it is some form of not riding at all (or perhaps changing a workout to an “alternate”)?

I just had an idea (this may be in the forum already but I may have missed it):
I could just ignore all of the workouts during the week I want to take as a recovery, do all train now workouts for zone 2, and then as I skip each originally prescribed workout I suspect TR will adapt all workouts following each one I skip?
I don’t suppose doing the zone 2 workouts will impact the adaptive training much unless you somehow “progress” with you levels for zone 2?

Ignoring Secondary Progression Levels (especially since they aren’t likely part of the other high intensity workouts on your plan) the only AT training plan impact I would predict from completing Z2 workouts would relate to pending Z2 workouts on your plan within that current training phase.

Otherwise, your prediction that AT will reduce pending workouts related to the ones you skip (all the higher intensity stuff) is right.

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Watching this closely. I just tried to do this today, added time off after the first three weeks of SS1 and selected to adjust the program. All it did is blank out the week in question with no other changes so I ended up with 3 weeks on, one off, one on and the one off again. Not very adaptive unless I missed something :roll_eyes:

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I would be tempted to test the following:

  • Insert a time off annotation.
  • Alter the date of a planned race on the calendar, or even the priority level (A-B), which should trigger a new PB calculation. Allow that to happen.
  • Revert whatever setting you just did to trigger the rebuild, and let it crunch again.

I am curious if it will redo the plan around that new “time off” in a similar way to what it might do if you were to have added that at the very origin of the PB setup?

Exactly my concerns when noting:

So you can experiment with the points Chad has given if it yields different outcomes.

Overall the annotation time off procedure continues to feel like a mediocre workaround, nevertheless it’s the best TR has to offer at this point in time @IvyAudrain


I achieved this using the copy week and move week functions on the right of the calendar. 5:1 ratio during base seems too much for me so I move weeks 4 to 6 one week further down then copy week 6 (easy week) to where it become week 4. I end up with 3:1 then 2:1. If the latter (2:1) loading period is too short you can move the easy week further down by one week then create your own loading week 3. So instead of 5:1 you end up with 2x(3:1) totaling 8 weeks, similar to the build and specialty phases.