Training plan with 2wk on & 1 week recovery instead of 3:1

In Plan Builder, is there a way to have 2 wks on and then 1 week recovery ?
From what I’ve seen, all the plans are 3wks on and 1wk recovery.
Maybe i could force it but that’s not the same.

I just watched a TR youtube from 2020 about overtraining
where @Nate_Pearson said he might try a 2:1 ratio himself.

This is not possible in Plan Builder at this time.

@mcneese.chad - wasn’t it you that was tinkering with a 2:1 plan a while back for masters? I remember a big thread, but I can’t find it. Or maybe it was @bbarrera/@WindWarrior?

Yup, pre-Adaptive Training, I compiled and applied the following methods based upon what I suspect is the set of comments made by Nate long ago.

Sadly though, with the removal of the Push-Pull tools, this method is not possible without adding a ton more manual labor.

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Nate asked Coach Chad, and shared some tips. I think that was sometime in 2018 under the bbarrera screen name. Now I’m mostly 3:1 but not using tr plans.

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I haven’t tried this but was thinking you could just put down a “time off” week every third week on the calendar and then just ride endurance that week? I little more effort but I would think this would be a possible workout.

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No easy solution without push and pull.

An option is to use plan builder…get your plan laid out. You then look at where your build weeks are and insert a week off in the plan and rerun plan builder. It takes playing around and may need to move some workouts around. I attempted this last fall. Wasnt easy and left some odd looking layouts.

I just found 2:1 for build weeks worked better.

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Last year, I was doing 2:1 self coaching. This year i used TR Plan Builder ( and 3:1) and it worked well during Base but after Build phase and 3 races in June-July, I feel toast all the time. I understand it’s the sum of many many factors, multiple races, stresses… and the current heat plays a role as well.

I tapered and rested a week before & after each race (2 HIM and a 100milers MTB) . I can do Sweetspot wo and Vo2 but bailed out early of a threshold wo. AI FTP detected something and dropped my TR FTP by 1 watt :flushed: On a 3h endurance outdoor unstructured ride today I did IF=60% and it didn’t feel easy.

I have one block of training before IM Canada and i think i’ll take it easy until then.

Next year, i need to remember to do 2:1 so i don’t dig myself into a hole during build.