Plan Builder vs custom recovery cycles

So, I have used TR for a long time (I guess ~4 year now) and from the very begining I have one issue with the training plans: recovery weeks periods. For me the recovery weeks are too rerely. During the Base Phase I prefer recovery weeks every 4 weeks (3 weeks on/1 week off). During the Build Phase/Speciality I definitely need the recovery weeks/cycles even often. I don’t need the whole week to recover so I prefer recovery cycles last ~5 days (additional day off, a gym + 2-3 easy spinnings - I use modified high volume plan). And there is the problem. How to incorporate my recovery cycles into the training plans using the plan builder. I know I can just add a base training, then a build training etc. and then adjust all those phases manually but I want to use the plan builder and I don’t have any tool to modify planned recovery weeks. My A race (-ish) is the 15th of May and if I use Plan builder and modify all recovery weeks the whole plan will change dramaticaly. Any advice how can I handle it?

FWIW, there have been heavy hints dropped in various threads that TR has an enhancement along these lines coming soon. Let’s see…


Masters Plan Builder.

Bring it on.

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