Base or build with extra 2 months before A race?


I’ve been fretting over building the right training plan and not making decision for too long - thought I’d open it up to the group for input!

I started the sweet spot base I and moved into short power build and realized that my A race is now almost 2 full months later in the season! I have completed only a few of the power build workouts and need to decide what to do to since I now have an extra 2 months. I was considering the below options but please if anyone has a better idea, send them my way! My A race is a 2 day stage race with a hilly road race on day 1 then a morning TT followed by crit on day 2.

  1. Complete another base phase and get more strength training in while the trainer workouts are easier
  2. Complete 2 build phases before entering the specialty phase.
  3. Go back to base for a couple weeks then enter an extended build phase, adding roughly a month onto each build and base.

Have you considered doing the Traditional Base? (Assuming you have the time that is).

Not sure of the exact timings, and where you currently are, but the usual advice to ‘extend’ a training plan isto do the following:

SS base 1
SS base 2
Build (usually general or sustained power)
SS base 2
Build (most related to your event)
Specialty (related to your event)

I personally wouldn’t do short power build on the first build phase since this type of power can be gained (and lost) faster than the more long/ sustained type stuff, therefore I usually go with general or sustained first time around. Others may argue!