Half Iron Specialty ends two weeks early. What to do?

I’m a few weeks into Half Distance Base LV and if I follow it into build and specialty I end up with two empty weeks before my A race. Should I repeat a few weeks of base or build? I assume specialty is set up to taper right up to the event.

I would repeat the last two weeks of base before going to build and specialty.


You could either add two weeks on to the base or build section depending on if you think you could use a bit more of a base or build (I’d go base most likely). I would however just give yourself two weeks of buffer to let something interrupt your training schedule, then if it doesn’t add a rest week and repeat a week in the specialty (week 4 or 5). Looking at the specialty it goes without a true rest week the entire eight weeks and that may be too much and adding a rest / adaptation week could really help out especially if you are new to the sport. Since I’ve been training I have had too many times I had an illness or outside event that caused me to have a bad week or off week and then I’m looking to trim out weeks. Have those two weeks for added recovery or rest could remove that stress for you.

Thanks! This is my first go at structured training so I think you’re right about needing extra recovery.

I’d keep the two weeks spare if you can for holidays/sickness/business trips/etc. over the coming 18 weeks, then use them up repeating speciality if you still have them in hand.