Planbuilder Race Update Help Request

Hey all! I put in a date for my A Race back in November and started my Base plan on Nov 29th. I found the date of my race changed so updated and went to make the adjustments to my plan through plan builder. What was happening is that it wanted to start base 2 again today and run for 5 weeks before rest week, but I’m on week 3 and will keel over and die if I don’t get the planned rest week in 2 more weeks. Should I just wait till the end of the block to update the plan?

The bug being that Trainer Road Plan builder does not look back in history to gauge where you are at when it makes changes. It cannot recognize a previous plan and adapt accordingly. It seems updates mid block are not allowed.

When you update the plan, use the start date that you originally started the plan not the current date. That should solve your issue (I think)

This is correct! Backdate the plan start to the original start date. If this doesn’t give you the results you’re looking for, shoot an email to and they’ll get you sorted out.

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Thanks y’all. I ended up just manually moving pieces think i got it close enough