Can you alter plans from plan builder?

Masters Track nationals just got announced for mid June. Went to set up a plan in Plan builder, and it doesn’t look right to me. It wants to give me 5 weeks of base, 6 weeks of build, then only 3 weeks of specialty. Having just done a lot of base, and coming off of a build, I really don’t see the point in doing 5 weeks of base. Can I alter this in plan builder, or am I better off just adding individual training blocks? Can I just go to specialty (likely crit specialty) and do that block for 8 weeks then stack another specialty block after it? Or would I be better off doing build for a few more weeks then going to specialty for the 8 weeks prior to the event? All I know is I don’t think it would be ideal to do 5 weeks of base right now then only 3 weeks of specialty. Thanks for any help for this very long winded question.

Redo PB and set the start date back to whenever you actual started your base training. This article covers in more detail.

Then, if you want to focus more on Specialty, choose the highest experience level with that question. You can alter that experience to dial in the amounts of each phase as desired.

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Agree with @mcneese.chad about backdating the start date. I think TR suggest either the Crit or Gravity plans for track racing.

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