Training log/diary

What kind of training diary or log you are using? I have kept kind of diary in excel where i put information of sleep, weight and workouts with comments every day. Summary weekly. But because of I can´t use excel well at all it would be very intresting to see if someone has a better spreadsheet (even for sharing)?

Could you not use TR’s Calendar instead? Was looking at this myself, as much as I enjoy a spreadsheet for work the thought of using one for this purpose kills my heart lol :joy:

I just use the notes section of the calendar. It worked well when I recently reviewed my 2020.

Notes in Strava or TrainingPeaks or Garmin Connect.

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TR for Bike, TrainingPeaks for Run, StrongLifts for weights, I bring all together in a weekly spreadsheet.

I use TrainingPeaks for all of my notes / comments / log / etc. That way it is in one single place for all workouts.


I’m also using TrainingPeaks, in addition to adding workout notes it allows recording a LOT of data for example hours of sleep, blood pressure, body measurements, mood, HRV, etc., etc.

I’m a huge fan of all of the data you can put there. I manually enter my weight each morning (only have a “dumb” scale), sleep hours and quality from Sleep Cycle app cross referenced with my watch (they’re surprisingly close most nights), and if I’m injured (i.e. pulled hamstring, etc).

I also have TP linked to MyFitnessPal for calorie counting and hydration, but I don’t weigh my food so my guess is it is accurate to within +/- 15%. I (mostly) eat until I feel full and try to follow the basics from Matt Fitzgerald’s The Endurance Diet.

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I use Garmin Connect to log my daily weight, with my sleep recorded through my watch and updated daily.

I was thinking… is it possible for TR to import my daily weight from Garmin Connect and change what is stored in the system? i.e. if I record my weight in Garmin then TR would update automatically - maybe a future feature request?

This is what I am using… an A1 size full-year calendar with TR logo. Found it online here:

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Aside from some deficiencies when compared to more robust dedicated log/calendaring options, the biggest potential downside to relying solely on the TR calendar for your training diary and data collection is that if you ever cancel your TR subscription, you lose access to all your data.

TrainingPeaks, Strava, Garmin Connect etc have a free versions which at least allows you to access most if not all of your past data if you drop your paid subscription.


I use Trainingpeaks and a spreadsheet

I was just thinking about this today and saw this post. When I started training about 20 years ago I used a pen and paper training log (either the runner’s diary or the triathletes training diary). Over the last several years I’ve been using Strava, but the problem with strava is that I cannot have private notes unless I keep all my activities private. And some details that I would write in a training diary (pain, injury, a low mood, bad sleep etc…) are not everyone else’s business, so I end up not writing a lot of things or keeping activities private. BTW - more than a year ago I asked Strava for a private diary feature, but did not get a reply. The TR calendar is not good option either because I can only use it for cycling, adding other activities is difficult. So, I am stuck without a good choice.

I’ve found TrainingPeaks and WKO to be a powerful combo. TrainingPeaks by itself is pretty darn good. When I resubscribed a year ago, my previously saved workouts were immediately available just as I had left them. I’m mostly using WKO so about to find out (again) what is possible with just TP free as my coach is managing workouts on my calendar.