2021 Goals/Resolutions

My only goal is to continue regaining as much health as I can from covid and re-build and maintain a moderate level of fitness. If all continues to goes well, try to work my way through some version of SSBLV1/2.


Going to try and hit all the ProXCT rounds. Not sure if I can just got logistical reasons. Which is why I signed up for TR to hopefully help me survive the races (I’ll likely get pulled, but stay in ad long as possible).

Otherwise, my goal is just enjoyment this year.

  • 4.0 w/kg - currently around 3.6 so think this is fairly doable between increasing training load & maybe losing some weight
  • upgrade from novice to cat 4 - already upgraded in CX thanks to the mandatory upgrade after 10 races. i realize this is opt-in anyways, but i feel like i’ll either upgrade after podiuming, or if i need to in order to race state champs
  • hit 250k elevation gain - was around 190k this year, so should be doable
  • 400 hrs on the bike
  • successfully climb at least 1 14er - tried both pikes peak and mt evans this year, failed at both.

but to be completely honest, the thing i’m looking forward to most in 2021 is hopefully normal CX races… hanging with friends, racing hard, and then drinking & heckling later racers


Is Pagoda, PA Reading, PA?

Pretty much yea. That whole area is awesome but I’m almost 2 hours away

Stay healthy, lose 20 lbs.
I found this cool TR workout tracker calendar to keep me in check it out 2021.

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Can u elaborate on this?. Just curious, as big mountains are my favorite rides.

I’ll start my list with someone else’s lists:

Now for the usual boring performance specific measurable goals:

  • 5 L/min VO2max
  • 5 w/kg power
  • 20min @ 95% after 2500kj
  • 70min TTE
  • finish the Supergiro Dolomiti
  • Do a minimum 4-night bikepacking trip
  • bang out a 400 km ride

Only 1 main goal for me

Get back to being healthy after rehabilitation of hip.

Smaller less important goals

Increase FTP to ~270W and get weight back to 65kg both are kinda do able if I manage to get consistency
Bike packing with the wife, well… more touring as I don’t do tents


I’ve got this on my calendar for the week of Christmas next year to revive this thread so keep them coming!

  • Be more present with the family when not riding
  • 500 hours on the bike
  • 4.25 w/kg or 320 watt FTP (whichever comes first)
  • Sticking to a strength training routine
  • 1000 miles on the mountain bike

If @Captain_Doughnutman is going for 5w/kg I’m going for 6. :wink:

Honestly, I have no goals. I just want to continue to have fun. As always, being able to share the experiences with friends, my wife and team mates will be central to the journey.

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:100: x :100:

Additional goal:
Come up with goals of my own instead of borrowing everyone else’s. :persevere:

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You could make it your goal to ride more outdoors, seems quite uncommon around these parts :cowboy_hat_face:



tried pikes peak from manitou springs (big mistake, the highway going up is some of the sketchiest riding ive ever done). didn’t quite have the fitness to handle the steep inclines once we passed the last lodge before the top & ended up bailing with 6ish miles left

2 weeks later we tried mt evans but ended up starting pretty late (8:30 from idaho springs). felt way better physically but we ended up getting rained & then hailed on as we got close to the top, turned around with 3 miles to go & had a hypothermia scare. thank god for echo lake lodge, it had a fire & warm drinks.

  1. 100/1000 challenge: do a solo ride of 100km and 1000 metres of climbing in the shortest possible time. Start and end point have to be on the same altitude.
  2. Climbing hour: climb as many metres of vertical ascent as possible in one hour. Only the climbing time is counted, not the descent. Apart from the descent, there should be no additional break between the ascents, and you need to use the same climb to accumulate the vertical ascent.
  3. 1km challenge: ride one km as fast as you can from a standing start. The route must not have any descents. In order to rule out tailwind influence, you need to do ride the route in reverse direction within 30min of the first attempt . The time for both attempts will then be averaged.
  4. 20km individual time trial: on a course with laps no longer than 7km do the smallest number of laps that add up to more than 20km.
  5. Local KOM ride: look for a Strava segment in your area and set a new PR. You should try to go for the KOM. The segment must be on a climb with an average gradient of at least 4%, it must be at least 400m long and you need to have ridden the segment at least 20 times before in the past.
  6. A day in the alps: do a single ride with 4000 metres of climbing.
  7. Long group ride: ride at least 150km with three other people. :wink:

edit: I created a thread with a question regarding this: https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/what-plan-for-quite-different-goals/

I didn’t make any major goals for 2020 (maybe I was able to foresee events lol) so the same goes for 2021. Just enjoying the process of training, and I would like to PR a 100 mile loop I enjoy doing, last year I did it in 5:14, would like to get as close to 5hr as I can. A big endurance goal would be to ride back to back centuries on a weekend, it’s nothing super special but would be fun


I hit most of my process goals for 2020. Didn’t do any events so my performance goals will be pretty much the same

  • 5 w/kg like everyone else. I’m around 4.7 now, got some room to lean out but I’d prefer to push more power
  • Dry january (and maybe feb/march/…) Did it last year and it really set me off well for the year
  • Get cat 2, contingent on races happening
  • I want to not implode when racing in the heat
  • Do some gravel races
  • Eat more pizza
  1. 5k <23m
  2. 10k 45m
  3. Half mara 1h45
  4. Olympic <2h30
  5. Ironman <13h