How to record gym sessions (with HRM) for TR?

Hi everyone

I was wondering if there is a good way to track and record a gym session and send it to TR for inclusion in the calendar and overall TSS (with approximate value based on heartrate or RPE).

I have tried to use the Jabra Sport app (comes with the Jabra Pulse headphone / HRM that I am using) and send the data via Strava to TR.

The problem:
While the data in Strava makes kind of sense, even if it seems a bit high (circa 600 kcal per hour), TR shows the same workout as more than 3000 kcal for no apparent reason. I’ll try to attach a few screenshots below.

Am I missing something?
Is there a better way to achieve this?
My equipment: Android phone, Jabra Pulse (Bluetooth)

Any help is appreciated.

Cheers, Michael

I use TrainingPeaks. My first couple of structured training plans were with Peaks Coaching Group. I switched to TrainerRoad in Dec and love it, but still use TrainingPeaks as it seems to handle all activities well.

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TrainerRoad is reading it as a cycling workout with over 700 watts average power, that’s why it’s saying 3,000 calories.

What sort of workout is it? I believe right now the only way to add in a non-cycling workout to TR’s calendar is to do it manually.

I use a polar watch for HR in the gym. This sends the session to strava. I also use, set to import workouts from strava. With the HR information, calculates a HR-based load [like TSS]. All of this is automatic.
Then, as Geronimo says, add the activity manually to your calendar with TSS set to the load. This is the only manual part.

Ah the irony… I used to have a Polar watch myself, even used it for some indoor stuff in the past. And for some reason I sold it last year, thinking “I’ll never need it again - I’m a cyclist now, Ant+, etc.”.
Silly me… maybe I’ll get a used one for the near future.
Thanks for your feedback!

I might give TP a try - thanks for sharing.

I know TR is not ready (yet) for non-cycling training support; I guess I was hoping for a reasonably functioning (non-manual) workaround… maybe it will come together with run/swim support, that would be sweet.

I’ll try and be patient and see what’s coming in the future, maybe try other platforms in the meantime for the bigger picture.

Any additional tips are very welcome.

I have a Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR watch and record everything on it - outdoor rides, runs, swims, weight lifting, stretching, yoga, etc. Best budget triathlon watch from a couple of years ago ( It lacks many of the newer features that Garmin has released with their latest watches, but is 1/3 the price, and the only one I honestly might use is true 24/7 heart rate tracking.

Last summer I picked up a Garmin 530 for longer outdoor rides as I was preparing for a fondo/century and didn’t want to get lost (or get home if I did take a wrong turn, which happened occasionally). I’ve experimented using the 530 to dual-record indoor rides but don’t have a huge need for it so I tend not to.

Anyway, I upload everything from Suunto, Garmin, and TrainerRoad to their respective sites and then automatically to both Strava and TrainingPeaks. I use Strava for the social aspects and TP for in-depth analysis, planning, etc. Since I try to cross train, I add other workouts (swim, gym, run, etc) to the TP calendar and note which TR workouts are scheduled on which days. Fortunately it only take a few minutes to manually match the TR and TP calendars but I like having my entire plan in one place, and then being able to see how well I adhered to the plan (or not). I do much better being able to see and plan my week ahead, rather than trying to make it up as I go.


Just bring your cycling computer with you and record HR on it with indoor setting.

I’ll give this a try - thanks for the suggestion.