How many different ways are people using the Calendar?

For me, I’m logging:

TSS Activities:

  • TR workouts (obviously)
  • Outdoor rides
  • Commute plugs (I don’t record)


  • Sleep hours & quality
  • Significant mood / fatigue / stress notes
  • Weight Training / Core Training / Yoga
  • I have not come up with any consistent way to use the colour tags in there yet, but generally using red for bad, green for good


  • Have put in all 3 phases of Trad base (mid vol) as I go into extended base phase leading into next road season
  • Will eventually put in full season TR plan, but have not gone through planning exercise yet
  • Will eventually put race plugs in there as well (again, post planning exercise)
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That’s pretty similar to how I’m using the Cal, though I haven’t started to make as good of use of the annotation feature. Sleep tracking is a great idea, so I think I’ll throw that into my list, along with daily weight. And maybe caloric intake with a macro breakdown too. I love the idea of having everything in one place.

Right now, I’m just hoping for a better way to track weight training, etc. within the core features instead of in the annotations.

  • TR and Outside Rides
  • Weight training workouts
  • TR plans (obviously, I’ve got a pretty good build for 24 hours in Old Pueblo planned)
  • Annotations for sickness. I’m hoping I can start to see a pattern in there about how soon I can come back after sickness.
  • Travel and rest annotations.


Right now, I’m just hoping for a better way to track weight training, etc. within the core features instead of in the annotations.

What are you looking for? I’m just writing down my major lifts and reps, then seeing if I do them. As of right now I didn’t want to go DEEP into this where you list all the types and have a more robust rep/weight tracking.

Nothing super detailed–just a way to schedule my other workouts more than anything. I’m more likely to force myself to do it (I hate weight training) if it shows up on my calendar, haha. I guess I could just start adding it as “other” on the schedule and just leaving the TSS blank, which I honestly should’ve realized before this exact second. :wink:

That’s how I’m using it for weights - noting exercise/weight/sets/reps per set. I found a free app that’s weight training specific (Jefit) that lets me put in my workout routine and log things more precisely as I work out. Afterwards I just check the log file from that and put the key elements into the TR Calendar.


Easiest way to track lifting is by workload. Workload = sets * reps * weight.

Example: 5 sets of 10 squats at 100kg would be a WL of 5000kg

Add this to a total of exercises, so if you’re doing the same for deadlifts and bench that day it would be a WL of 15000 kg.