Training for 5 days trip in beginning of September

Planning 5 days of 40 - 50 miles per day with 3,000 - 4,500 feet of gain per ride. After regular training during the winter and early spring, I have slacked a bit. Mainly long weekend rides at the moment. My inclination is to start with Sweet Spot 1 low volume, followed by two weeks of Sweet Spot 2. I am open to suggestions. Maybe skip SS 2 for a couple weeks of a build or specialty? Help, please.

Do not skip SSB2. If anything, and if you think you have some level of base,

  • I would recommend skipping SSB1,
  • getting in as much of SSB2 as you can,
  • then (if you finish SSB2) add from your desired Build (likely Sustained Power). I say this because you don’t really mention “how” you plan to ride those miles. If it’s just to ride and complete them, the Sustained Power is likely a good choice. If you want to be more punchy, then General is an option.

According to Coach Chad and many here, SSB2 is one of the most valuable and rewarding phases in their catalog. It has a wide range of work that forms a great foundation of fitness that can serve well on it’s own.

Thank you. This is very helpful. Since the trip will entail 5 days in a row of some decent gain (and it is supposed to be vacation), I am looking to complete each ride and be ready for the next day.

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SS1 and then something with enough vo2max and longer rides. If you can, get some 60 milers in so that 40-50 doesn’t seem so bad. That’s pretty good elevation as well, can you mimic that at home on your local roads? If not, add some extra miles to your rides.

5 days straight of biking is a lot for most people, so make sure you stretch and foam roll to avoid any nagging injuries.

lmk if you have any other questions; good luck!

Remember that what you eat and drink whilst riding and once your off the bike, enjoying your holiday, will also play a key role in your ability to put five days back-to-back. Make hydration key and be mindful when the alcohol starts flowing.

Thank you. I can mimic the elevation at home. Plan is to use TR twice during the week and then long ride on Sundays.

Thanks. It is a Backroads trip. This will be our sixth. You are absolutely right

awesome; try to get a 4th ride in so you’re only 3 days off each week