Base, Build and frequency questions

I started Trainerroad a few weeks ago as I moved indoors for winter. I am in my early 50’s and relatively new to cycling with my goal simply to be able to keep up with my weekend riding group.

I have started with SSB Low (3 times per week). Once done should I move to Build or repeat SSB ? I am a bit confused on this point as the instructions suggest 12 weeks of SSB before moving to build.

Second, I don’t think I have the time to ride 5 days per week but could probably increase from 3 to 4 days. As there is no 4 day program, should I just pick a random workout from the same category and just do that one or should I put the 5 day plan into the calendar and skip one?


Each Sweet Spot Base program (low. mid and high volume) is split into part 1 and part 2. Each part is 6 weeks long.

I’m assuming you have started with SSB LV I. Once you have finished that, the logical place to go is SSB LV II to take you up to 12 weeks.

Regarding increasing the volume, I’d say be careful. Without wanting to teach you to suck eggs, the plans ramp up the stress your body receives and what seems easy-ish now might become quite hard later on.

Don’t forget the old saw that recovery, not training, is what makes you stronger.


Thanks Neil, I didn’t realize that the split was designed to be followed 1 then 2. I thought it was just another option.

What Neil said. I do low volume also because I want to ride once or twice outside during the winter, weather permitting. I would stick with your low volume plan but if you want to add another ride or 2 I’d pick one from the mid or high volume versions of the same plan you are doing, probably one of the lower tss ones.

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If you want to throw an extra ride in, I always go to Taku, Carter, and Birch. They are somewhat low intensity rides. Carter has + variants that you can do instead if it is too light. They are also short 30-45 minutes which is easy to fit in last minute.


If you want more volume (and feel good about handling it) you can always do SSB Mid Volume and drop the endurance ride (wednesday). Has been suggested on the TR podcast a couple of times as a viable option between Low & Mid.

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Agree with the idea of adding a ride of your choice onto low volume. If you think you can handle the stress, add the extra 90 minute sweet spot weekend ride, or if you want a recovery day, add in an endurance ride. Homer’s Nose or West Vidette are my favourites for those days. West Vidette +1 has two nice little sprints that make it a bit more interesting.

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Great ideas, I like the suggestion of Mid and dropping the endurance ride.