Training for multi-day tours? (SSB vs tri plans)

Signed up for RTR this year (as well as another multi-day ride) and trying to figure out training plans. I know sweet spot training is recommended for basically everyone (and that’s what plan builder says), but I’m wondering with the long (sometimes 20 consecutive miles) of climbing plus just the sheer hours on the bike each day, if it wouldn’t be better to choose one of the full tri plans because they include a number of 3-4 hour sessions? IE train for what you plan to do… ?

I have 2000+ miles in this past year (nothing structured) and have been doing 60-90 min Zwift rides the past two months with TSS running between 300 and 450 if that matters.

Interested in everyone’s thoughts.


Congrats on signing up for Ride the Rockies. That is on my to do list someday. :slight_smile:

Enter your event into the calendar as a multi-day stage race, but label each day as a gran fondo since it’s not a race. Then let plan builder tell you to do SSB, likely sustained power builder, and then likely century.

You’ll probably want to ditch the Sunday indoor rides during the specialty phase and ride outside for increasing distances as is detailed in the “notes” section of the plan. Before the event, you’ll want to 1) get used to longer rides, 2) get used to riding tired, and 3) nail your long day in the saddle eating habits.

Don’t worry about the long extended climbs. Those are just 7-8 mph tempo intervals since you’re not racing anyone and the grades in the Rockies are generally bearable. Rather than getting mad at how slow you’re going uphill, it’s a great time to chat and enjoy the gorgeous views!


That’s interesting. I may have to go back and choose grand fondos. I put in RTR and the other event as a stage race (climbing road race) and plan builder has me doing SSB 1, sustained power build, SSB 2, sustained power build, climbing road race.

Ahh got it! Switching the event to Grand Fondo was the trick to get the century plan! Thank you!


How can I set up a training plan for a 2-3 week tour of 80-100 miles per day, easy riding (around Lake Michigan)? Or would I just do a lot of long slow endurance rides? It’s not a race, just a casual bike tour, but the miles will add up. Does it help to do some tempos, etc?

Thank you.