Christmas gap filling

So, just about done SSBMV2 (WP -1 still to do tomorrow) and to be honest, compared to previous iterations, I have honestly crawled through this final week - just feel very heavy legged. Could be a higher FTP this time round, could be age (wrong side of 50), could be many things - but it is what it is and I’m tired. I had General Build ready to go after the recovery week but now I’m thinking let’s do that straight after New Year.

So my question is, what to fill my two week gap with - a week off and then Z2… or a mixture of Z2 and SS… or even some threshold at the end of the period to keep things sharp before GB starts? Just trying to strike a balance between recovering and maintaining the level required before the build phase - and keeping on the trainer over the holidays will help enormously in not overdoing festivities too much!


Maybe do something fun, after your week off?
I find that i can hit targets pretty easily, in a group ride, or a race, or something social.
Much harder to do on the trainer, if it’s not part of my plan.

I just shuffled my weeks around, and had 5 days “off” - I did a race on Zwift, and a tempo ride. Scratched the itch, brought some training stimulus, and most importantly, was fun!