Christmas cold turkey

I’ve just realised that my travel plans over christmas are going to prevent me from bike training for 2 weeks.

I’m keen to keep my fitness going. What do you all do to keep as much form as possible when there’s no access to a bike or turbo?
Running? Gym work (without equipment)? I don’t want to sit on my arse for 2 weeks, as tempting as it sounds…

Going for long walks is very family friendly as you can take them with you.

When i’m without a bike i go for a run.

What i did last Christmas though was beast myself on the trainer to the point where i could barely stand up and then i spent several days doing a massive, super difficult jigsaw puzzle with the kids. It was a remarkably low-tech success.

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there is much to do. From running, to body weight workouts, to skiing, to hiking/walking, swimming, yoga etc. (not sure where you will be holidaying but that will also determine your options.)

Core work + running, which is part of my weekly training plan anyway. If you’re going somewhere outdoorsy, why not sub in some long walks or hikes?