Training Diary (The old fashion way). Friel's Diary

I use all the digital tools to track and log my training; TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks etc… However, I have always also kept a written training diary as well. The only one I really find useful is THE CYCLISTS TRAINING DIARY by Joe Friel. I don’t think it is any longer in print. In years past I could find these in abundance by used book sellers. I would by 2 or 3 at a time. I am working on my last one! I can’t seem to locate anymore, with the exception of one bookseller asking $100. US!!! Does anyone know of a reasonable source to obtaining these fine training diaries?


I don’t. And haven’t ever used paper for cycling log… Can you copy/digitize the blank pages you have left? Find digital copies online (Looks like Amazon has a PDF version available)? Print, hole punch and bind?

I’m still a tactile/handwritten person for a lot of things, so I feel your discomfort.

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