Journal inspiration

Hi all

I’m a bit of a fan of paper, notebooks etcetare. For some months I’ve been searching for a great/neat way to log my training sessions. Untill now I’ve been logging the duration, TSS score and NP.
Although I’m satisfied of the graphs I can make out of this information, I’m not convinced that these are the most productive parameters to write down, so I’m searching for some inspiration.

Anyone out there who likes to journal as I do and can offer some examples?

Thanks! :smiley:

Are you familiar with the runner Colleen Quigley? Not a cyclist but her journals are pretty popular. Might get some solid inspiration from those. Also the Believe journal is pretty popular if you’re looking for something to write it down in. Think that’s by Lauren Fleishman (another runner, sorry I’m a runner turned triathlete :grin:).


Great suggestion, thanks!

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