Is anyone documenting their journey?

I used to be quite fast, but have fallen foul of laziness and cake in recent years. I’ve decided to do something about it and to help with motivation I decided to start a blog, which you can read here about my journey back to being a semi-capable bike rider.

I was curious, are any other TrainerRoad users documenting their progress?


I was thinking about doing a v/blog about my journey cuz I think it’s a bit interesting. However…I suspect I might not be that entertaining/pretty enough to hold an audience (hi mom!). Plus there’s some topic threads on the forum which are already kind of doing this, e.g. Your FTP Improvements.


Just read through your first post. Congrats on grabbing the motivation by the horns and getting started!!

My experience using TR mid volume plan without any strength training was a 24% increase of FTP. I did not come from a cycling or an athletic background. I lost roughly 4% of my total kg and i ended with 3.2w/kg. I’ll be 35 this year. Obviously we all respond to training differently. However, if you put in the work, you’ll be surprised at what level your body can adapt and perform.

Cheers and happy riding.


I’m always down for a blog/vlog about training!


Thanks for the kind words @bigdaddynewt. A 24% increase is mightily impressive, great work!

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I’m documenting nearly everything I can, but haven’t really been blogging it. Toying with the idea of more than data, but I had a few contacts fall through on me for VO2 and DEXA work that I’m trying to get sorted. But yeah, part of me feels like do people care? I know I do, but my data is fulfilling that for me already. I was thinking about filming stuff as I went for YouTube stuff, but it’s intimidating to start!


Yeah, I’m not too keen on filming myself, especially not the state I’m in after some of the TR workouts! I’m mainly doing it as a kind of accountability partner, plus it’s an excuse to learn how to build a website! I think some people will care - I normally learn something from other people’s experiences, or at least get another perspective.


This is great. I will be certainly following


This has definitely given me more fuel to think about, but in the interim I’ll certainly be watching your journey. You can do it! :smiley:

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I hear ya, esp when we all have our own training junk to attend to!

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I actually got into vlogging on YouTube this year. It started out as documenting my progress towards Leadville but I’ve kept it going since and am just starting to train on TR again and planning to vlog it some!

Here’s the link for anyone who wants to check it out:


I have a blog, and I’ve spoken about TR in the past but not exclusively so, some cycling, some travel, some nonsense. lol

I also have a YT channel, most of the vids are on the blog but the channel sometimes has a few other gems. Most people like the goofy videos me and my wife do on vacation… I also bitch about having to run on vacation. :wink:



Maybe I will add to the YT noise! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve recently made my own homepage. I’m not big on recording myself on video so no vlogging for me! At the moment it’s just a few race reports and gallery, but I’m planning on adding more articles for any weirdos that might be interested enough to read it! If nothing else, its a good way for me to brush up on web design and record a few things for me to look back on in a few years’ time.

The next article will be a stingy Northerner’s (i.e. north of England) guide to getting fast and aero on the bike,

It’s for anyone who’s ‘weird’ enough to take a look!!


I’m always happy to watch a vlog about anything/anyone training related… even if theres nothing ‘new’ about it. It’s good entertainment watching people suffer :smiley: (and improve!)


Nice first blog post.

I’m also hoping to get on the Fred Whitton and it’s my current planned first A-event of the year. My backup is the Peak Epic, which is 3 weeks later with a similar parcours. I’d also recommend the Etape du Dales (a week after the Fred) as a good replacement if you don’t get a place - I rode it a few years ago and it was a great event.

I don’t think you’ll need to have a 4 W/kg FTP to be able to make it over the climbs and complete in a decent time. It’s good to have goals, but don’t be too concerned if you only make it part way towards them before the Fred.

Good luck with the training and the ballot.


Cool, might see you there then @qtip! I’ve not heard of the Peak Epic but it looks like a good backup. I’ve heard good thngs about the Etape du Dales.

I’ll certainly make it round with a lower W/kg, it will just be more painful! Either way it’ll be a fun day out.

Thanks, you too :slight_smile:

As Greg LeMond once said, “It never gets easier, you just go faster”!

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Nice blog. Will follow. Good luck with the Fred Whitton - I did it 2 years ago (and was what got me into TR in the first place). Beast of a ride. I had to walk part of Hardknott because I cramped half way up and once you are off, there is little chance of getting back on again.

What type of media do people prefer? reading a blog, watching a full length video or something shorter like a 5 min recap? I’m thinking I could do the later, maybe not for every workout but more of a week end video with clips from the week and such. Since I’m just back in my first week of structure training with an abysmal FTP you all can have a laugh.