Ideas for keeping a training diary

I have been keeping notes on my training for quite a while now, but the way TR keeps them makes them a bit inflexible. E. g. there is no obvious way to put learnings somewhere or to write out thoughts on how to approach the next block or season.

I’m quite open, but I would like to have a digital solution. It can be low-tech (think Excel) or fancy. Do you have any ideas? How do you do this?

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For me only one possible answer here: Obsidian


What specifically about TR’s notes section doesn’t work for you? Are you distinguishing between ride notes and Annotations?

If you use TrainingPeaks then you can similarly add notes to rides as well as separate Notes.

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This looks extremely powerful, I’ve been searching for Sth like it. How do you use it?

Fully agree with this. I’ve been keeping separate notes but it would be much better with integrated access to ride notes, cross reference, etc.

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I use it for everything I write and take notes. Work, Life, training. Like a personal interlinked database. Each time I discover better ways to do it. Look up S.Ahrens book.

How do you use this (what functionality) that would be different from using the built-in MacOS / iOS Note app?

Markdown, backlinks, hotkeys, tables, templates, graphs.

It might be a steeper learning curve for some.


I would assume so. I couldnt even venture a gues as to the definition of 33% of those terms :joy:

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I’ve always done it in TrainingPeaks for easy reference. It works with TrainingPeaks free, searchable (when in an ‘Other’ workout), syncs to WKO, and gets archived along with other workouts. While I’m currently paying for TP, if I dropped to free I’d still have access and ability to generate annual archives of all training/notes.

For annual planning (goals, events, etc) I keep an easy access copy, sometimes with longer discussion, in macOS/iOS Notes app.

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Another benefit to doing it in TP is if you have / get a coach, they can see them too. Which I suppose is good for everything except your personal thoughts on how you rate your coach!


good thing I give my coach a 10 out of 10 lol. Better workout creator - vs Garmin Connect or TR - plus I have a library of workouts.


Do you mean you keep such planning notes in the calendar as a “other workout” category?

Can you search for those in another way than exporting your workouts?

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Thank you so much!

I’ve looked at Ahrends book and have it on my ereader now. I’m German and during uni I had friends in social science faculties who were actually having access to a physical “Zettelkasten” from the department. Loved the idea back then, mostly for associations.

I’ve been looking at something like this and for me it shines first and foremost by the backlinks. This is also a key thing Apple notes lacks. Very exciting, thanks again!

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Yes, Add a workout and select “Other” (lower right):

then its searchable:


This is a really good idea that I had never thought of. Thanks for sharing.

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I have heard of Obsidian, MacStories’ Federico Viticci has sung its praises, so that might be one solution.

And yes, all of these keywords mean something to me :heart: I’d love to have templates for entries so that I don’t have to type out useless stuff every single time.

There are several things: one is the lack of links between posts, and the difficulty of seeing and managing my entries. E. g. imagine if I want to go back to roughly the same time last season and compare notes. That’s possible with TR annotations, just not very user friendly.

TP is more flexible, but in my experience, the main purpose of notes is slightly different, it is to facilitate communication with your coach.

What is your process here?

How workable is this as a diary, though?

PS This is not meant as a criticism or dismissal. I am equally asking about how all of you use your personal solution to this problem, i. e. I’m not just asking what software you use :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure we have the same idea of a diary. For myself using TP works well, as its free or paid, keeps archives of all training data and notes I feed it, and syncs with WKO.

FWIW I’m old skool and I usually have some files in parallel to TP. My current editor of choice is TextMate, it has wonderful-for-me features to write plain or formatted text (HTML, markdown, bash script, Python, …). I can use Unix commands to filter anything within a file. Files are stored in logical locations on my computer and search anything on my MacBook using Spotlight. Or simply open a terminal and drop to the command-line and use the Unix find command like I’ve been doing for 36+ years. Guess if I were disorganized, didn’t have a sometimes photographic memory, or thought file systems were dead once Google started the tagging trend, I could tag things or use some fancy frictionless linking, sorta database, sorta-not tool like Obsidian or several others that came before it.

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Same here. I miss projects from TM v1 … :slightly_smiling_face:

Going down the text file route is something I have considered, but I might just end up with long walls of text without structure. I did try Apple Notes as well, and basically, I had a hard time finding something once the document exceeded a certain length. I’d have to be very disciplined and consistent with terminology.

IMHO nothing better than dropping observations onto a calendar and then easily pulling up and reviewing the evolution of my thinking.

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For individual workout notes I use TrainingPeaks.

For general notes, to do lists ideas, reference and research I use Evernote. I have about 1500 notes on all kinds of subjects, training is just one of many. Everyone should use some type of notes app for an organized life. My cycling/training sub folders have everything in there from maintenance logs and torque specs to race debriefs from 10 years ago and workout ideas and research.

I’d don’t specifically follow this system but if you’re new to electronic notes this is basically how it can work. There are several good notes apps. The key is setting up a good and flexible folder/sub folder structure

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