Any good journals out there?

I’m currently using TrainingPeaks to track a lot of my metrics like weight, rpe, and workouts. I’d like to have a paper journal to log some things. Ideally it would have a place to record weight, sleep, nutrition, workout notes, and miscellaneous things like “Dear Journal, Coach Chad was really mean today.” Looking on amazon and online I’ve found some that seem to go into waaaay more detail than I want. Anyone found a simple paper journal they like? If there’s not something out there already, I’ll just use a trusty old moleskine.

Can’t wait for that ‘Copy & Paste’ function to kick in. :rofl:

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yeah, just use an unformatted blank journal – that way you don’t mind if you miss a day and there is no reason to follow a specific format – you can make the format you want.

For good notebooks, try searching for BulletJournals and taking the advice - I use a Leuchtturm 1917 but a moleskine is just as good

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For a digital media, try Evernote.

thanks @gajendragadkar

Probably mean Evernote? Endnote is used for collecting journal articles to then generate reference lists for papers etc.


I just finished a week using Day One Journal. It’s not free, but I really enjoyed it. I can take screenshots from Strava, TR, TP and then I give a narrative. I find that this is an extra step that has held me accountable this week… hopefully it will continue.

I also finish each entry with a list of things that have made me successful (actually doing my workout for examples) for that day and things I can improve upon (usually diet!).

I have a moleskine that i use to track daily workouts, meals, etc. I found after some experimenting that I like the extra large size with the grid.

bringing this thread back to life.

With all the WFH arrangement and a new child in the family, the year seemed to go by in a blur.

Recently, I saw an IG story by @Nate_Pearson on a recommended journal he’s using but it was gone before I could check it out a second time. Anyone caught it, or can recommend a hardcopy journal that is keeping you productive? I’m still an old-school guy and apps simply don’t work for me.


It’s embarrassing how strong of an opinion I have in support of Rhodia Webnotebooks in A4. These three are my in progress sitting on my desk all the time. Excellent paper, good size and options (line, blank, dot) and just super solid notebooks. You want the ones with 90g paper. Different league than Moleskine, better than Leucbtturm (though they’re pretty good.)

Never heard of the Rhodia, but it does look very classy! I tried bullet journaling and habit tracking - the process of setting up gets me excited, but still find myself continually moving tasks to the next day and weeks in fact.

Perhaps a planner will be more of a good fit for my case. Any one used the Best Self Journal/Planner, both for work and logging of trainings?

The High Performance Planner

This is the one that i use and like.


I bought the HPP based on your recommendation and I’m about to try it. I am currently on the Panda Planner 1.0 but its a little small. I also have a Panda Planner 2.0 that I got but IMO the 1.0 is better.

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Does anyone have any reasonable electronic ones they actually use? I use an app with log for lifting, TR for cycling and smashrun for running. I write workout notes in all of them but how do you look at the big picture year over year with the data all over the place?

Too bad there isn’t a digital version that would integrate with calendars, including TrainerRoad. Now that would be awesome