Training days over the week

I have been training for a while now, and have used a 5 training days a week plan with good effect.
During my main training blocks I would usually do:
Monday - Rest/light gym
Tuesday - Hard ride (Outdoor 2-2.5 hours hilly)
Wednesday - Easy spin (1 hour) / light gym
Thursday - Hand ride (Outdoor 2-2.5 hours hilly)
Friday - rest
Saturday - Outdoor endurance (4 hour)
Sunday - Ride (depending on fitness/goals, anything from a 1 hour spin to 4 hour endurance)

Unfortunately, real life has thrown some complications into my time schedule, and Tuesdays are now difficult to do my outdoor rides.

One option is to replace with an indoor hour long structured workout using train now or plans and make this my hardest day.
Another is to try move Tuesdays ride to Mondays, however that does impact what I can do on Monday if I do a big weekend, and that means 2 hard days (Wed/Thurs) if I make Monday and easy spin.

I know doing a structured workout on Tuesdays will bring benefits, just riding indoors over summer on warm, sunny days kills me.
Any advice for building a good week plan for workouts or experiences people have gone through in adjusting days?

I moved my Tuesdays to Mondays too and whilst its not ideal after 3 months it seems OK. Im on a LV and my schedule is like this:
Mo - TR workout (tonight is a 1.5 h endurance session but normally an hours VO2Max;
Tu - Train/cycle commute (about 45 mins each way on the bike);
We - TR workout (a 1h 15m endurance session is scheduled but normally its a 1h threshold session);
Th - (a 1h30m endurance session is scheduled but normally its a 1-1.5h SS session)
Fr - Rest
Sat - Outdoors road group ride, circa 3h+
Sun - Outdoors gravel group ride, circa 3h+

I’d rather have the Monday as a rest day but with Tuesday took up commuting its a wo day. The Saturday ride used to be quite intense but I’ve got to a level where they are less so, and Sunday is relaxed mostly (although you do get a good work out at times). When the better weather/ lighter evenings arrives I may make the Tuesday evening commute a wo (although it will be done on perceived effort and not power) and go back to the traditional Monday rest day for me.