Structure my Training Days per Week

Trying to sort out how to structure days for training during the off-season. In the past I’ve followed the default (Shown in image below) and it hasn’t really been an issue, but it does make for some early starts as it means i am up at 445am so that I can get a ride done by 630am so I can be out the door by 7am.

Post COVID lockdowns and added workplace flexibility has me re-evaluating how I structure my weeks especially if I want to get more total hours in. The only issue is trying to ensure I am getting adequete amount of recovery during the week so that I can make the hard days hard and really get the most out of them.

My limitations;
Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs I am not getting up earlier than 445am, that has me on the bike by ~510-515am, need to be off by 630am hard stop to get to the office.
Friday is WFH, and done at noon, so I have longer in morning or whole afternoon to train.
Saturday/Sunday have upwards for 2-3hrs on both days to train.

Initial Thoughts:
The weekend makes sense for long endurance/SST+z2 rides as I just have the time. In the past I have done a hard day saturday with z2 added on, and then a long day Sunday (3+hrs) on tired legs, taking Monday fully off.
THe issue then becomes how to use Tues-Fri, balancing not coming into the weekend cooked, but trying to make better use of Friday extra available time.

Open to different perspectives.

I’ve been doing Mon-Wed and Fri-Sat for over a year now, which would work for you given your Friday WFH.

Monday and Thursday off. Makes for two days with more sleep. Or at least less rushing around in the morning.

Treat Tues + Wed as a two day block. Hard Tuesday and Moderate Wednesday. Missed what you are working on, but could be either SST/Threshold or VO2max for Tuesday and a tempo or Z2 on Wednesday.

Treat Fri + Sat + Sun as a three day block. I’d probably do: Friday: SST/Threshold, Sat: Tempo, Sunday Z2. You can play with the intensity vs time. But for offseason, I’d be looking to have one hard day and a ton of Z2/tempo riding to get ready for that first build block.

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ya this is actually a good breakdown as it maximizes the “long” day to do some longer work, and can keep the Tues short in the mornings.