Training Camp Plan shuffle

Hi everyone, I need some help deciding how to shuffle week 7 of SPB MV around a 3 day training camp.

SPB plan has me doing Williamson +4 (anaerobic) on Tuesday, Petit +1 on Wednesday, and Kaiser +1 (Vo2) on Thursday. 3 day camp is Friday to Sunday and consists of 3 hour temp ride on Friday, 1 hr sustained climb and race simulations on Saturday, and crit scrimmage on Sunday.

Right now, I’m planning on completing either Williamson or Kaiser on Tuesday followed by Petit on Wednesday and then shutting things down until camp on Friday. Based on power files from last year’s camp, I should end up somewhere around 800 TSS for the week, a nice bump up from my usually 500-600 but not crazy.

Which is more important, Williamson or Kaiser?

Appreciate any insights you all have to offer:)

Your camp sounds like it’s 3 hard days of training, depending on your current training load and goals for the camp I wouldn’t do Williamson or Kaiser, but just some steady endurance rides in order to be a little fresher for the weekend.