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Hi all,

I’m on week 2 of Sustained Power Build following SSB HV I and II, with long rides at weekends. Have managed all sessions OK. Key events are not until June/July. Next plan after Power Build is base then build again before speciality.

I missed yesterday’s Mills +3 due to tiredness and other issues, remaining schedule is Brasstown today and Kosciuszko +4 tomorrow. I feel OK today but VO2max may be a bit much to do yesterday’s missed session, so considering doing Kosciuszko +4 today followed by tempo tomorrow. Does this sound reasonable or shall I just stick with the plan as it is so early in season? I’m inclined to stick with Brasstown today.

SSB HV killed me in about 2 weeks - do Brasstown today and the 108% intervals tomorrow…don’t push it - if you get even 80% compliance on this plan you are doing well…I had the flu and 2 weeks off the bike after week 2 a couple of years back…then I am 52. Tempo after a stack of 108 intervals sounds like a recipe for more fatigue…your tiredness won’t have evaporated completely from yesterday.

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Good advice, thanks. I raced a few years ago and been training to get back into it this year. I usually found the switch to threshold and VO2 work took some adjustment despite good endurance base, this time is no exception. Being a few years older doesn’t help either :slight_smile:

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