3rd week into Short Power / High Volume

Hello guys - learning a lot about TR still - I know several new features keep coming out , I’m 3rd week into the short power high volume plan - while stacking a 40-60 mile group ride into the plan every Tuesday evening, I’m sure this is weighing on me beings today I’m scheduled for Needles -2 and legs just do not feel like it’s going to happen , I don’t mind to give it a try but mentally don’t think it’s going to happen - with this said I looked into the “train now” option and it’s recommending a low intensity endurance spin , my question is does train now always recommend a low intensity workout or is it basing this truly off my prior training and can tell this is what it’s really recommending!

TSS week 1 —— 627 / 426
TSS week 2 ——674/527
TSS week 3 ——235/557 (week currently training in)

Thanks guys!

What were you doing prior to SPB HV? Without a huge base what you have done over the last three weeks seems like a lot of cycling to me, so I’m not surprised your legs feel heavy. You’re also a couple of workouts away from recovery week. TR (and many on the forums) recommend starting with a low or medium volume plan, adding endurance as you can.

Hey buddy thanks for the reply - I was trained prior through a individual coach past 2-3 years , got very costly with my family budgeting in a new home so had to change things up a bit —- I attached my August 20 - August 21 training Stress graph —-

Thanks for the screenshot. The last couple of weeks do have higher TSS than the previous couple of months (looks like you had a sweet base camp in March), but nothing that has me overly concerned.

As for Train Now, it should be looking at your most recent rides to recommend between Endurance, Climbing, and Attacking. However, I’ve only ever seen it recommend Endurance for me, too, even in the middle of a rest week.

So I would assume it’s recommending me back it down ? And hit some endurance other than the V0 workout prescribed today!


Thanks for your time today buddy!