TrainerRoad workout instructions on Zwift

Before the Trainer road app was updated, I was able to minimize TR window and run Zwift on the same screen using my PC on Windows, then the workout instructions would appear on the Zwift Screen, however after the update I cannot see the workout instructions when the TR screen is minimized, am I doing something wrong?

You could run zwift in a window (alt+enter). I don’t have zwift installed so I used a different game to test it out.

I run Zwift in a window and don’t lose any info from doing it that way… due to it being more letter box format you get more of a panoramic view from it :slight_smile:

I reduce it be a couple of inches from the top of the screen and place my minimised TR app here.

All my trainer road instructions etc appear in the middle of my display, I am running the latest release. All works very well for me.

Note that I haven’t tried it full screen with the App so can’t comment on that arrangement.

This is how I did it with the old app as well - - TR in horizontal mode at the bottom and the Zwift window scaled to be the rest of the available screen. Haven’t tried it with the new release since I ditched Zwift for the summer, but hopefully it still works that way for it or other apps.

TR_ZWIFT The workout instructions are hidden, but if I make a TR full screen then they appear.

The Problem is that I cannot see the workout instructions.

I’m running the latest TR version (on Win10, which I assume which is what you have), with Netflix on Google Chrome. TR window “small”, moved to the top of the screen. Workout instructions are working correctly. It should work with other apps as well.

Make sure a) you make TR the active window app (click anywhere in the app window, b) you are running a workout that has instructions (check the workout in TR, ensure the one you are using has “Instructions: Yes” in its description), c) you’ve enabled instructions in the settings, and d) you’ve not toggled instruction text off (ensure TR is the active window, type “T”).


I use Win 10 with the horizontally shortened Zwift window sitting above the minimised TR app and the in ride instructions come up in the middle of the Zwift window as they always have. Happy to compare settings in both apps

Unfortunately, since the new TR desktop app was released, the TR-Z app no longer works to automatically resize the Zwift window

We had an issue where some Windows users were not seeing workout instructions in minimal mode. I’m not sure, but you could have been running into this.

A fix for this issue was released to our beta today, it might be worth downloading it here and seeing if that gets the text to appear for you. :slight_smile:

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Is 2019.26.3.52 the latest version of Windows Beta?

It’s 2019.28.0.58, I believe. :slightly_smiling_face:

Works perfectly on the beta. Thanks…