I have a question on using TrainerRoad with Zwift

I know there are quite a few people that are using TrainerRoad with Zwift. My question is, is there a way to have the Trainer Road workout appear in Zwift so that when you finished one interval or a new interval is coming up you can see it with the archway on Zwift. What I don’t want to do is simply be on Zwift peddling around. I would rather have it so that the Zwift is visualising what the workout is showing/doing on the TrainerRoad app. I have an elite direto trainer and have the option of using a TrainerRoad app on my phone and Zwift on my iPad. Hopefully there is a simple way of making this work.

nope, gotta use the apps separately


No, this kind of integration is not possible. Only thing you could do is running the Zwift App on your computer in the window mode (not full screen) and use the TR app in entertainment mode which then would show the intervals on the bottom of your screen.


You can do it like this on an iPad. As others have said not full integration, but not a terrible option. DCR has a great post with instructions.


This is what I’ve done for years, works great. If there are instructions in the workout they’ll appear on the middle of the screen as well.


This is actually my favorite way to do it as well when using my computer.


That’s pretty much how I do it. I have to start Zwift first and then TR after otherwise the TR app connects to all the ANT+ and BT signals and won’t let go of them for Zwift to connect.


When I used to use both, I had TR on my mobile, and just full screened zwift (on ATV).


I created simple custom Zwift workouts which are e.g 60 minutes of freeride. Other Zwifters see that I am doing a workout, drafting is turned off, and IIRC you get bonus XP.

Yes, you can do this, but it also violates your ToA with TR.

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I’ve been watching this topic and I’m honestly surprised it took this many comments to hit that issue. :stuck_out_tongue:


Something I overlooked :hear_no_evil: I’ll go back to my iPad a have to give the arches a miss

I use my Garmin to run the workout as an outside workout then have Zwift up on screen. At the end, I discard the Garmin data and let Zwift upload.


I use two ANT+ receivers and TR-Z-move.


Terms of Agreement….but TR has since clarified that doing it will not violate the ToA, as long as it is for your personal use only.


I wonder what kind of fidelity is lost when the workout is done outside of the TR client? All of the core data is there, but there’s “Stuff” going on that they might be looking at, but does it have a bearing on the calculations being done on the back end? :man_shrugging:t2:

I would expect there to be SOME loss when not doing the work in the TR app (but who knows WHAT)…

I would suspect that doing the workout uploaded to zwift, much like to a head unit for outdoor workouts, turns the workout to pass/fail and doesn’t get analyzed the same within the TR ecosystem.

For this reason, if using both systems, I use Zwift for visual only and have the TR app recording my session to take full use of its analysis.

If you do the workout ONLY in Zwift, then it’s no different from an Outdoor ride. After completion, “associate it” with the workout in TR. You’ll get the same pluses and minuses in TR as any other “outdoor” workout.

If that concerns you, just run TR and Zwift side by side.

Yeah I just prefer to run them side by side. I enjoy having the laps match the workout too when it syncs to Strava, Garmin, and intervals.icu.