Running trainerroad with resizing zwift window

Its easy to get trainerroad to run s a small bar at the bottom of the screen but I find it annoying to try and get zwift to run in the rest of the top of the screen. My fix is a small c# app that can resize a window to run in the space above trainerroad and taking up that whole space. (i.e. automatically sizing the window for you) Is there any interest in this from others?

Its not app specific as it allows you to pick the top of screen app and bottom of the screen app. It doesn’t do anything to the app on the bottom of the screen and resizes the app on the top of the screen to take up all the space above it on that one monitor. (and checks if that app can be resized) It has functionality to search for the app for the top and bottom so currently I’m searching for zwift and trainerroad.

BTW I wouldn’t mind giving out the code especially if there is a chance trainer road can build this functionality into the app.

No one else has this issue?

I use TR-Z move from Zwifthacks to auto resize the Zwift window, and this works well.

I run TR and zwift and don’t have any issues using my laptop. I used my phone and tablet to run TR once or twice but I’d rather use them to watch and/or listen to some entertainment.

Link to TR-Z Move on Zwifthacks Does exactly what the OP was lookin for (I think)

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Works well but needs to be run as administrator though the API calls they make shouldn’t require that. Probably the result of the framework being used