TrainerRoad and Zwift windows

Is their a shortcut to run Zwift and TR windows at the same time?
I know how to load them this is more how to easily fill the screen with both pages.

I use 2 monitors to do this.

Sorry. Can you clarify what you’re asking?


I use this option:

Or have each one on a difference screen, since I run two monitors (40" & 24").


I’m trying to have both TR and Zwift on the same screen.

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The tool I linked to does that.

Also feel like this should work too:


But you said you already know how to load them and want to make them both full screen, that was what confused me. Maybe I just misunderstood your words.

Anyway, if you just want to know how to stack them, I posted this a long time ago and it has over 300 clicks, so hopefully it’s helpful. TR workouts on Zwift - #6 by Pbase

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I just tried this and it won’t let me use it as I don’t have “hot key” downloaded on my computer even thogh I just downloaded the program.

You need to install the 1.1 version of Autokey also

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