TR-Z has been updated

For those who like to do their TrainerRoad workouts in Zwift, Jesper has updated his TR-Z app to work with the new TR desktop app. It again automatically resizes the Zwift window to fit the available screen space when running TR in minimized mode.

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This is news to me. I have been looking for a way to side load Zwift. Any links you could provide or any other intel would be awesome!

Most common methods without the specific tool mentioned in the OP.

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Just search for “zwifthacks TR-Z” and you will find it Brent. Downloading the complied version is easiest, and just start it at the same time you start up Z & TR. Run TR in minimised mode and it will do the rest. It didn’t use to like Z settings being “Full Screen”, so if you have a problem, then set to “Windowed”.
Example of how it looks on my laptop is attached