Trainerroad lost (almost all) my history! :-o [Solved ✅]

Just opened the TR calendar and there is almost nothing in it!
Or, if it’s there then in is grayed out, …

Some selected TR workouts from the last 8 weeks are still there, very few outside rides are there, but most entries are greyed out for the last weeks and completely missing from >8 weeks ago or so…

Please get me my history back – 1000 TSS weeks a month ago are now 200 or 250. And the winter I didn’t do anything? Wondering how AI FTPd or TrainNow would handle all this:-o

Anybody else with the same problem?


Contact support. They should be able to help.

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Thanks, did already.

Yes all mine before Dec 2021 has dissappeared too.

Same Boat as you… :confused:
Just contacted support :slight_smile:

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Me too

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I do not think it is a universal bug – mine (via website) still shows back at least 4+ years:

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Update(?): Support cam back yesterday, recognizing the problem, asking a few questions, and stating that they believe they can recover the data.
Send my answer, now waiting for the data…
Did anybody (with the same problem) get it back already?

They came back to me with the same answer. Nope, still waiting too.

Probably just an access issue to a major 3rd party data storage service like Amazon S3.

Nobody stores data locally anymore.

I really wish this forum would be more about training and bikes again.


Me too – the “training” part, generally speaking. But, this is the “TrainerRoad software” section of the forum.

A quick scan of the “Latest” topics shows a bunch of training & bike related topics well underway. I’m curious about the view that the forum has strayed from those as a focus.

Can you and yokuha elaborate more on that so I can see if there is something I can do do help?


For me it simply such that I would be much happier to discuss “training” instead of bugs in the software and missing records – and I am pretty sure the TR team would prefer the same;-)
And I pointed out above, too, that this is the “TR software” category of the forum … where one (me) would expect to have discussions on, uhm, the software — instead of actual training topics…


OK, that matches my thoughts too. I know that people may not notice the Categories of any topic depending on their path to a specific discussion here. But rest assured, I work hard to keep them grouped appropriately :stuck_out_tongue:

For anyone wanting to focus on something, they can use the forum tools to lock into a given Category of preference. Here is where you can control that, and I added a few links to the ones that seem relevant here.

As mentioned, we are in the “TrainerRoad Software” category, so that is the focus. It includes things like bugs, but there are a bunch of general SW related items and many Feature Requests as well.


Anyway, im still waiting for a response back from support.

I got a message from support saying to reconnect Strava – that connection was somehow also lost – and now the history is back…
On first sight, also the (many) manual entries (Runs, Fitness, Badminton, ….) seem to be restored, but it’s cumbersome to check for all data…
Looks good for now:-)

Support promised an explanation in due course.
Thus, I am not sure you can just do that yourself now or they have to do work in the „back“ first.

Hey everyone! Dropping a note on this thread to clear up any confusion.

These were three individual outcomes from three separate actions that all created an appearance of ‘lost’ history (either from Strava de-authorization, rides having been selected as excluded from TSS and PRs, or reinstalling app and only showing 6 months of data after fresh install). That ride data is all still there, and the support team has worked with these athletes individually to restore its visibility! :sunglasses:


Thanks @IvyAudrain and support!

In my case it was a dropped connection to Strava, which, however, was not initiated by myself:-o

Still have to respond to support over the weekend, obvious question is whether this was a hiccup on TR or Strava sides…

Good thing is that communication with/by TR support was good and my data is all here:-)

I think, in order to keep the (a) forum informative, humanity :grinning: should learn to contact support for individual cases.
Keep the internet clean! :sweat_smile: