Importing previous Trainerroad workouts after deleting my account

Hi there,

I suspect I may be the only TR user with this issue. but I would be grateful if there was some way I could sort this out.

I deleted my Trainerroad account along with all my previous workouts (my bad :frowning: ), I had too many indoor app subcriptions, I thought I would ‘clean up’, but it was a bad idea.

I have since created a new account and synced all my previous workouts from Strava, but for some reason all my previous TR workouts do not pull through. Any idea why this would be?

I have done approx 250 TR workouts, all currently on Strava, I don’t mind downloading the original workout files from Strava but even when trying to manually upload these to TR it doesn’t work.
I tried importing these into TrainingPeaks and it works but would like to use TR exclusively

Any suggestions?

You should submit this to the trainerroad support desk - they can probably help you with this better than forum users


Will do, thanks.

what @trpnhntr says. Your ride sync seems to work if it is bringing back in old rides that were generated in strava, and I can understand how it wouldn’t automatically import old TR rides that had been sync’d out into strava. is probably your best friend here.


Yup, is the best bet.


Cool thanks, will send onto the support team