Trainerroad server down?

HI. is trainerroad down? on my front page i can see that my next workout is tomorrow, but cant see that the workout i just was finish with is registered when i am going into ‘‘calendar’’

There might have been something going on a few mins ago as it was timing out for me too. Seems to be working fine now though…

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Welcome to the TR forum! :sweat_smile:

Yeah, we’re aware that things are running a bit slow right now, but everything should be back to normal shortly.

Sorry for the trouble! :sweat:


I had problem this morning as well. I was finally able to complete my workout but it took my 30min to log in
After my workout, it looks like the ride didn’t record. Hopefully they fix it soon and the ride can be recovered.

Sorry about that @Marc97!

We’ll definitely get things sorted out for you. We should be able to get that ride back without any issues. :technologist:

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I’m still having issues syncing my workout but feel your pain. Nothing fuels anxiety quite so much as dealing with an outage first thing in the morning

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I’m glad you folks were able to workout. Train Now doesn’t work at all.

@scottdc What type of error are you getting? I’m able to load TrainNow workouts right now.

I was getting a timeout error but it’s working now. Thanks!


Hey everyone!

All should be fixed now :slight_smile:

@Marc97 the ride that you did today should be showing on your Calendar now. Let me know otherwise!


My ride from this AM isn’t showing up on my Calendar. Mind checking?

AI program became sentient and is on vacation.


@Donoman, is the ride 4 x 10 tempo ramps to FG?

If so, try logging out and back in to refresh things.

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