Data failed to sync after workout and won't download?

Just finished Glassy+1. When the ride was complete it failed to sync with Strava and produced and error trying to download the data as well. This is not the first time it’s happened to me so luckily I also record on my Garmin. I’m running the latest Windows TR app on a PC with Win8.1. I left it alone for 20 minutes but all I see is the spinning red icon. I tried to restart TR but it looks like the data has been lost. It does not show up on my “career” page and this is all I see.

I’m really sorry about that @GlenJ, we hate to see hard-earned rides get lost in the sync process.

Go ahead and report this to our Support Team and they should be able to determine what is causing this issue to happen repeatedly, and possibly recover your ride for you as well :+1:.

I think this might be a Strava issue. Tonight my Garmin Connect ride wouldn’t sync up to Strava like it normally does - I had to do a manual upload over from my device over USB straight to Strava.

I will contact support with the details, thanks.

In my case it’s more than Strava, the ride does not show up in my “career” page on TR at all.

For 2 times when I finished TR scheduled rides they didn’t show as executed keepind the skipped status for a couple of days and before they updated correctly. One of those times when the training first appeared as executed the data on it was weird (TSS really off the charts) but the next day it was all okay.
I’ve contacted TR support team for that but there was nothing wrong in the log file so I think the got syncked by themselves but it took a few days.

Okay, this is the second day in a row the exact same thing has happened to me. I emailed support last night and they manually uploaded my ride. However there was no speed sensor data (which bugs me). Now I just finished 45 mins on the trainer and the same thing. I can email support again, but I’m not going to continue with Trainerroad if my rides aren’t recorded. GRRR! This programme worked great last year. I’ve been back on it for about 10 days this season and what’s changed? Was there a buggy update?