TrainerRoad Workouts Not Syncing?

Anyone having issues with the recent update? Two days in a row, my rides don’t sync to Strava, Trainingpeaks, heck, even the TrainerRoad website. What gives? They are set up to sync under my account profile…


No problem here. Did a workout today and yesterday and both synced to Strava and the calendar immediately.

I did a ride today on the TR Beta app and it didn’t upload. Had to click into it and then manually click upload and it seemed to work then

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Manually click upload? I don’t see a button for that. I have a re-sync option, but when I click it it says sync unavailable.

Bump for the TR guys back to work. Still not resolved.

Sorry, i meant re-sync :slight_smile:

I recommend contacting them directly via if you haven’t already.

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