Trainer mode combos

Hi. Just a quick question.
I use TR as my primary training software. TR controls my Kickr in ERG mode and Zwift just sees power. It’s a great combo.

My question is this. Can I switch this around? Could I sync TR to TP and then sync TP to Zwift allowing for my TR workout to be downloaded on Zwift and ready to go. If I do this, which mode(s) should I assign to each software so there is no fight to both control the trainer at once?

Could Zwift be in ERG mode and TR just ‘sees’ the power?

Thx in advance for any insight.

The way you suggest it is not possible i think. But you can run them side by side. Here is a big topix about that:

Thx. I think that’s the case too. The only way around would be to use power pedals as the only source of power.

Thought experiment really, I’ll stick with the easy solution lol