Trusting Train Now

Now that my training plan is done, I plan on using “train now” to keep in shape through the cold months.
I love the workouts , but I find that 4 of 5 days it suggests “ endurance”, so I usually just pick the work out of the three that I feel like doing, have other users found that Train Now will actually pick the workout that was most appropriate to their fatigue?

It only picks “endurance” for me if I did a harder workout the same day or the day before.


Yup, overly simple, TN will recommend Endurance if you’ve done a hard ride or workout the day before. This can be a TR workout or imported ride onto the TR calendar.

If you have had a rest day or easy day before, it can and does recommend something other than Endurance.

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That’s an intense ride on a bumpy surface??? :grin:


I will pay closer attention but it seems like it will sometimes give me two or three endurance days in a row

Sure, like I said… “oversimplified”. If you really had a super hard ride (or 2), it might take 2 days before Endurance is recommended. Here is a relevant section from the official support site:

What determines which category (Climbing/Endurance/Attacking) is shown as ‘Recommended’ for today?

  • The “Recommended” label is based on the intensity and stress of your recent rides and workouts. It’s not intended to replace a training plan, but it’s a quick and simple way to make sure you’re completing a sustainable mix of workouts. For instance, if you have completed some tough VO2 Max workouts in a week, it’s likely you’ll see an Endurance workout recommended.
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Have I ever shared how much I hate typing on touch screen phones for comments here? :stuck_out_tongue:


This might have some merit, considering the bulk of our training is endurance based, with specific systems targeted in the other hand full of workouts for the week. I always expect a healthy serving of endurance rides.

That said, I sometimes forgo the recommended endurance workout and simply do one of the other options if I’m feeling fresh.