New Feature - TrainNow

It sounds like it’s working as intended - if you’re on a plan, it’s likely you’re doing productive and fatiguing workouts on a regular basis. So TrainNow is seeing these rides and your recent training load and recommending that if you’re adding additional workouts, endurance is a good place to start.


I’m finishing up SSBMV2. Though I have been checking before and after I start my scheduled workout just for interest sake.

I do think it’s probably working as intended, the options are changing and refreshable. I just keep checking to see if it’s changed to climbing before I do my scheduled session for example.

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Can you clarify for me how it looks at different workout times. Ie I do 3 workouts that are 2 hours each and then 2 workout that are 1:30 and then a 1 hour vo2 max.

Do it look at the time, tss or other? How many weeks back?

I love TrainNow, and just dropped the experimental Polarized LV plan 2 weeks into the second repeat of Base. Why? Well, at my age the appeal of POL had nothing to do with optimizing competitiveness anyway. I just found I felt better doing a little really hard work on the trainer plus a lot of really easy outdoor sightseeing than I did doing pretty hard (SS) most of the time. So I had been patching together my own makeshift POL until TR came out with TrainNow and its experimental POL at roughly the same time. I really loved the few TrainNow suggestions I tried – from each of the categories. But I thought I ought to give a real POL plan from TR a try (rather than my kludge), and so I did – 8 weeks worth. The ratio did kept me feeling good rather than run-down, even though I did more easy miles than prescribed, but the ramp up on the hard was too steep for this old man – especially the jump from 4 x 8min at FTP (just) to 3 x 16 min at FTP (nope) just a month later, so I had to tweak it down a little anyway (2 x 16 min), whereas the TrainNow suggestions were all do-able. (Should add that I’m not yet in the AT beta group, so the POL plan couldn’t itself fine-tune the Rx based on previous workouts. I had to do that myself.)

I’m not at all criticizing the POL plan. But since I wasn’t on AT yet, it didn’t adapt to me, and I faced a 6 or 8 week calendar of Shoulds – regardless of weather, family, other stuff – and always felt like a cheater if I tweaked – either way! When I heard Nate on the last podcast talking as if directly to me – just want to maintain or improve fitness a little – with TrainNow as a dynamic way to do it, it was easy to make the decision. (The only “plan” for the mere Enthusiast like myself in the old days was what was called “Maintenance” and turned out to be nothing but HIIT workouts of varying duration – almost guaranteed to kill any enthusiasm in the likes of me. TR has come a long way!)

I have lots of time but live where the weather can change hourly, and I have lost all enthusiasm for foul weather riding, which can get pretty dangerous. Last night the prediction was for rain all day, so I plugged in the short hard intervals suggestion for today instead of the Recommended endurance ride (TN was looking at Dry Peaks from day before yesterday). This morning, the sun came out and the forecast for the rest of the day changed, so outside I go, with a 1.5 - 2 hr ride outside! No Shoulding on myself. It feels like I’m getting reasonable suggestions for today based on what I’ve done lately, instead of an off-the-shelf agenda for the next 6-8 weeks based on what may have worked wonders for a group of younger racing mavens. I feel like, oh goody, get to do this. Instead of oh lordy, I have to do THAT, when I feel a lot more like doing THIS.

Codger thanks for TrainNow! (Now you can just trashcan that misnamed Enthusiast offering, which I’ll wager no one ever did anyway – at least not without a major grudge.)


Ahh…I think I just realized a misunderstanding I had. I have a scheduled workout today that is pretty beastly. I thought I would see what TN said: Endurance recommended. I now realize that the system is doing this in addition to aforementioned beastly workout, not as a substitiute.

I suppose I could delete the workout, and then check with TN, and then go back and do the beastly workout anyway. Because, I’m curious.

So, I did that. It still told me to do Endurance. Does that mean I am overtrained? I listened on Wednesday, and did an Endurance ride instead of the scheduled ride.

TrainNow is not meant to provide any deep insights on overtraining or anything like that. As we say, it’s not considering any of the complicated factors that a training plan incorporates, it’s simply a more informed way of easily picking individual workouts. The recommended label uses the intensity and volume of your recent training to offer a quick and useful recommendation for which zone to choose, but it’s not meant to be interpreted any more deeply than that.


No wonder the failure rate of recommended TN workouts is 50% less than handpicked. Every single day, it recommends me an easy endurance ride. Even after a day off.


On my 3rd day off training as doing a family holiday. TN is still recommending an Endurance ride!

Same here, whether I ride hard, easy or not at all. It only recommends endurance rides

Only getting recommended endurance for this week now. The previous week it seemed to recommend a mix of workouts.
I’m not following a plan so that’s not affecting it. Just get endurance every day??

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I always get endurance recommendations, too. It makes 100% sense to me. I’m on a low volume plan so all of my TR workouts are high intensity. And then my outside unstructured mtb rides end up as .85IF or above so of course TN is recommending endurance rides for me, based on my recent training history, it should.

The other workouts it offers are spot on too with regard to the level I’m at for threshold & vo2max. All the suggestions seem to be achievable & in line with my current work in a particular zone.

For me at least, Train Now is right on the nose in its recommendations & I’m really digging the functionality.


I only ever get recommendations of endurance rides too but hopefully that’s a sign that it’s working and I am getting enough vo2/anaerobic/threshold/tempo work in my other rides. Although my last two TTs have been rather tempo as I have paid more attention to staying upright in cold and windy conditions than getting power out :roll_eyes:

I only get endurance rides any time I check. I dont use it but like to see what it offers. I at times will make note of some workouts that I didnt realize existed before in the other two categories so it definitely has been useful just to see some different workouts

It works perfectly for me offering all 3 workout types in perfect order

Took 2 days off and now Trainnow only recommends .89IF++ workouts. Great lol

Guess you are rested :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey I scrolled through the thread from here down but did not see a confirmation. @SeanHurley did the bug with outdoor workouts sent to a wahoo with trainnow/AT get fixed? I’ve been avoiding using the feature entirely because of this but would very much like to try it out sometime soon.

Same here. It did make me lol, since i got the vaccine it has said only these types of workouts!

I am not in adaptive training yet, but maybe I’m wrong here. Train now gives you productive workout suggestions for each day, So based on my picture would that mean my VO2MAX is around a level 8.5, threshold around 3 and endurance 5.9? I did finish a whole plan With criterium as my specialty specialty. So that makes sense why my VO2MAX would be so high… :man_shrugging:


Just trying to get my head around the new TR stuff but the TrainNow looks interesting…

Am I correct in thinking that it’ll take into account my training/riding out on the road when suggesting workouts with TrainNow?

Despite what it looks like outside, we’re heading in to summer here so I wouldn’t normally be using TR much over the next few months but if this new feature and the adaptive training are as good as they sound then I may well be using them to try and train on my outdoor rides and commutes.