TrainNow granularity

I have been using TrainNow exclusively to select my daily workouts. I ride in the evening each day. If I check TrainNow from my phone (logged in) in the afternoon it will frequently recommend and achievable Endurance. Two or three hours later when I fire up my computer to do the workout, it suggests something more difficult (which is probably correct).

My question is whether TrainNow is considering the number of hours between sessions and whether those hours need to be 24 before getting the appropriate recommendation. If I train 1 or 2 hours earlier that day (22 hours between sessions) will I not be getting the best recommendation?

Side note: I use TrainNow instead of a training plan because I want to control precisely how long my sessions are for each day. 90 minutes M-Th. 120 minutes Sat, Sun. It would be great if I could input up front how long I train each day and a proper plan was built around that.

Why not build a plan and use workout alternates, picking the alternate that fits your time constraints


I think this exact feature is in the works - Nate mentioned in the podcast 2 weeks ago.

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As long as the cache is cleared and the app is synced after a workout (Quitting and restarting the app should do this, as will syncing via the refresh button in the app and hitting the shuffle button in TN a few times), TrainNow doesn’t need any time delay when selecting workouts.
They’re based on progression levels, which update immediately after the workout is completed. For recommending the category it’s a similar story. There are a few cases we consider when recommending a category, and they’ll all consider your immediately completed workout:

  • If you’ve done a hard workout since yesterday, we’ll recommend endurance. So if you’re using TN for two-a-days, your second workout should be endurance.

    *NOTE that We use calendar days for the recommended category calculations. So if you do a workout at 11:59 PM one day and then try TrainNow again at 12:01 AM, it considers those different days.
    This could matter practically for the “yesterday was hard” case, for example. If you do a hard workout at night, it’ll recommend a more achievable workout the next day, and it may have been only 12 hours between workouts (8 PM yesterday to 8 AM today, for example). If you did that hard workout in the morning, it would still recommend an achievable workout the next day, even though it may have been 36 hours between workouts (8 AM yesterday to 8 PM today, for example).

  • If you’ve done more than 3 hard workouts in the last 7 days, we’ll recommend endurance. Same as above, this includes your recent workout.

  • If you’ve done a climbing workout in the last 2 days, we’ll recommend attacking. Again, this includes your recent workout.


I really like the Train Now feature and exclusively use this instead of a plan. You can vary the time based on how much you have or feel like it…brilliant.
My question on this as well is if you have a race that you put in the calendar does train now take this into consideration and taper for you? Also does it take any periodization in account based on season or previous volume?
I like the OP’s suggestion but would also include maybe a toggle switch to indicate whether you are on a rest or taper week. But really this would just complicate an already beautifully simple feature.

This is great information.

Thank you for the detailed response!

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Nope TN only takes account of your past history and what is best for you on the day it takes no account of forward planning, ie tapering for a race. Btw as folk have said above with an Adaptive Plan you can change any workout it comes up with for another workout of a different duration which will have the same affect on your training easily using the ‘Alternates’ function.

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