Rest week prior to week off?

Looking at my calendar for the month, it appears I’ve been assigned a recovery week immediately prior to taking a week off (for family vacation). The time on bike is normal, but the TSS for those days is low (looks like easy Endurance rides).

I am coming off a pretty heavy month of training, with a B race next weekend, then a 6-hour XC on the 20th. Should I just take the nearly 2 weeks of recovery (Sun, Mon following race, 3 easy rides, then a full week completely off), or swap 1-2 of the endurance rides for something short/intense, or something else? I’ve attached those weeks below. I won’t be training on vacation at all (well, maybe some calisthenics).

Hi, its because you have marked your Race as an A event so the AI expects you to have a hard day. There is not really a correct answer. You are getting a couple days off after the race and if you feel recovered you can change the work outs up a bit.

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Is it a week lying in the sun reading a book or is it a red eye flight into six solid days wandering around tourist sites, helping kids through water parks, hiking in the mountains etc. ?

I would normally push the rest week and bring forward the following week, but you’ve got a six hour A race to recover from.

Extend the recovery, dont skip it.


True beach vacation - drive down Friday, Sat-Fri relaxing, drive home following Sat. The “kid” is nearly 30, so chasing him around isn’t required (thankfully, vacations 20 years ago were exhausting).

Understood on needing recovery after the XC marathon. Just thought 11 days completely off the bike, plus 3 relatively easy endurance rides, seemed excessive. I guess I’ll see how I feel on the 23 and adjust if if I feel like it.

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@C10oky got it right here! After an A race, you’ll have a recovery week built into your plan by default.

The recovery week + vacation time sounds like a perfect mid-season break, so I’d say enjoy the time off and come back to training refreshed afterward!