Push week in plan builder

I know we can’t push weeks anymore, so what can I do instead?

Had 2 weeks off due to covid so I’ve only done one training week and now I’m due a recovery week next week. Ideally id like to do another 2 weeks of intensity before my recovery week.

I’ve no fixed target event, just the cyclocross season in general.

Best option?

You can add time off the bike like a vacation

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Add it to past weeks? I tried that but it didn’t change my plan. I still have a recovery week in the calendar.

If you had Covid trust me do the recovery week first.

Hey @onemanpeloton,

In your current situation, I wouldn’t recommend switching things around in your plan too much. You’re eight weeks out from an A race on your calendar, and there isn’t a ton of wiggle room if you want to keep two recovery weeks before your event.

You’ve definitely done a good amount of work in the last two weeks, and it seems like they’ve served as a good post-illness test. I’d take this week to recharge and focus on the next few weeks to ensure your best chances of success before your event.

In the future, though, if you need to move things around, you do have the option of manipulating entire weeks as shown in our “Editing Your Calendar” support article.


Thanks guys. I stuck with the plan and took the rest.

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I have a similar issue: AT is giving me a recovery week just before 2 weeks off, regularly marked accordingly in the calendar.
I would like to skip the recovery week and do some more intensity before forced stop.

Should I simply switch WO manually?
Also, is it intended that AT does not update the calendar seeing that I’ll stop for two weeks?

Unfortunately this is currently not handled very well. If the first week after a rest week effectively will be a another rest week because of work, traveling or a vacation I would just extend the previous block by adding workouts similar to what I did the week before with a 0.3 increase in the progression levels.

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