TR Running Thread 2024

For cyclists w/a running problem or runners w/a cycling problem!

Training questions? Race goals? Race reports? Let’s hear them!

Previous years: 2019 , 2020 , 2021 , 2022, and 2023

Send me your plans and I’ll update the table below.

Race Results

Name Month Race Distance Goal Time
adenega 1 Joe Kleinerman 10km 39:17 38:54
AgingCannon 2 Manhattan 10km 1:25:00 1:24:32
3 NYC 21km 3:00:00
6 Queens 10km 1:20:00
10 Staten Island 21km 2:50:00
11 NYC 42km 6:00:00
Joelrivera 4 Boston 42km 3:00:00 3:19:39
kevistraining 2 Hale 10km 38:00 38:29
3 Wilmslow 21km 1:20:00 1:24:13
4 Manchester 42km 3:00:00 3:07:00
KickrLin 4 Technology Run 21km 1:36:59
9 Taipei City Run 12.5km
10 Eva Air 21km
MAGNUStm 4 London 42km 2:45:00 2:45:08
SomeCallMeTim 5 Great Ocean Road Race 24km 1:45:00
TrapMeSuf 4 London 42km 3:15:00 3:05:00

Boston Marathon on April 12!


We may well need to move that results table to Google Sheets or something. It’s going to get large. :see_no_evil: Maybe it’s better to group the list by event? Then just have a comma-separated list of everyone running that event, and their goal/result times in parentheses? Or something like that. Anyway, thanks for making the effort!

My plans:

  • 4 Feb - Manhattan 10K (goal 1:25:00)
  • 17 Mar - United Airlines NYC Half (goal 3:00:00)
  • 15 Jun - Queens 10K (goal 1:20:00)
  • 13 Oct - Staten Island Half (goal 2:50:00)
  • 3 Nov - New York Marathon (goal 6:00:00)

We’re not including cycling events, right? Or are we?


Running events only. After all, this is the running thread :sweat_smile:

First year running with some targets :raised_hands:

Go big or go home (or embarrass myself)

Local 10k (Hale UK) - 18th Feb - target 38:00
Wilmslow (UK) Half Marathon - 24th March - target 1:20:00
Manchester Marathon - 14th April - target 3:00:00

Then maybe never run a road race again :sunglasses:

Target for the marathon, which is my “A” race, will likely change depending on the result in my half.


Half marathon in February, hopefully it actually feels like winter in Michigan by then.

I’ll second the spreadsheet suggestion- I like a local race or five, so I’d be adding a ton!

Still in search of some ‘bigger’ stuff though…running season is more the middle of the year over here so I’m pretty undecided at this point, plus getting back into track after a few years so I’ll probably work that out as I go :face_with_raised_eyebrow: don’t really know whether to prioritize running or tri either…going to have to be some serious planning over here lol.

As of right now one primary goal which is London Marathon. I was hesitant to put it out into the universe but here it goes.

A goal - sub 2:45
B goal - low 2:40’s
Stretch goal - 2:39:59

There, I said/wrote it… time to get to work. PR or ER!

Other running goal races;

  • 5k in February
  • CIM in December (still TBD, but most likely signing up)

@kevistraining Welcome to the thread! You following a traditional plan like Pfitz, Hansons, etc.? What craziness resulted in you signing up for a marathon :smile:

@Monkeyevil So you decided to sign up for that winter half. Which half? Isn’t it damn near freezing there now? IIRC, it’s nasty cold from Dec-Feb. No lake-effect snow yet?

@MAGNUStm AWESOME! What’s the training plan look like?

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Big goals! Guessing you have a running background?

I sort of dabbled in running in my late 20s early 30s but never really committed to it.

Fell in love with cycling just under 10 years ago and that’s all I’ve been doing really.

Thought I’d revisit running now I’m a bit fitter and was happy to find that the cycling fitness did transfer over after the initial shock to my legs asking them to do something other than moving in circles.

Last year I ran quite a bit, around 20km a week unstructured, alongside my cycling and entered a few road races.

I did a 38min 10k and a 1:28 half last year which I was really happy with.

The marathon target might very well prove to be too optimistic considering that I’ve never raced one before (or even covered the distance) but I have put it there for motivation.

I’m cutting my cycling right down and have started a training plan that takes me to 60-100km a week and let’s see what happens :slightly_smiling_face:


I have 3 more road running races before the TT season starts 2 x 10k and 1 x 10m. Would like to get down to 37:xx for 10k and 1:02 ish for 10m. Should be doable as I ran 38:36 for 10k yesterday (and have a 35min pb) and I’ve run 58mins for 10m. But I need to get ready for the TT season as well so it will be on about 20m/week and my bike training. Being 55 doesn’t help either…although my body does at least know how to run…if I can jog its memory! :grimacing: :grinning:

Make the sky the limit my man!

Go for it, if you make it great, if you don’t at least you get to say you tried! No shame on any of it


I’m trying to mix in a little running just to do something different with my aging body (adding strength and yoga too). I’m surprised at how much my cycling fitness has translated over to runs.

If I just want to do a couple run workouts a week on days when I incorporate some strength and stretching, should I be using some kind of structure? Is there a good resource to look into or thread that already has this kind of info? Or should I just go out and try to work on increasing speed/distance over a few months since I don’t really have any goals other than general old man health and fitness?

Any advice at all is appreciated, but I also don’t want to take over the thread if this would be better asked and discussed elsewhere.


The question is, whats your goal. In the sense what you expect to get out of running?
If the answer is just to mix things up, then no structure is fine. Just run for the enjoyment of running. A wo here and there helps break things up and make things fun! In this case, i would do maybe just run by time and add strides to the end of each run… 10 would be more than enough. When you feel ready to tackle something more challenging, you can add time at some arbitrary higher pace, as in… 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes 1 minute faster pace than easy, then repeat.
If you are looking into getting fast, then some structure and more running days may be necessary. Usually 3-4 days of running is what you need when combining with cycling. at that point you would add a bit more structure, like a day for shorter distance wo (track is my go to) and another day of long or longer wo (like 2 mile repeats for example). the rest would probably be double or rest days, where you just go for fun and added miles.

best of luck on your journey!
Keep us posted on your progress!

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I should probably add, my goal is 3:10, with pie in the sky of 3:00 hrs.

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Thanks for your thoughts. Yeah, my goal really is just as simple as stated. Just a guy getting older and wanting to mix it up so I have more versatility and am not just cycling, although it very much remains my main goal and love. I lost a lot of weight at the end of the year, so I’m feeling a little flabby too and want to put some focus into tightening up and overall health.


In that case, run for the enjoyment. Time running works best for me. Just go out half of the expected time, and then turn around. No need to force miles, its silly if you are just trying to be fit and have fun!


@Monkeyevil So you decided to sign up for that winter half. Which half? Isn’t it damn near freezing there now? IIRC, it’s nasty cold from Dec-Feb. No lake-effect snow yet?

I haven’t officially signed up, but I will. It’s the Portage Winter blast. It’s been unseasonably warm here so far, but it looks like cold, and hopefully snow, is coming.

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Have fun. I was there last year and had a great experience. I originally thought it’d be a one time bucket list race but I think I’ll try and go again when my little ones are a bit older.

Be prepared for lots of walking (or warm up running). It’s 3+ miles before you get to the start line. I was at 47,000 steps by the time I got back to my air bnb

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