TR Running thread 2022

A continuation of the 2019 and 2020 and 2021 threads :smiley:

For any running questions, sharing trial and tribulations - I’m a triathlete focussing on running so likely to be experiencing similar things to cyclists picking up running, and we have a lot of runners who’ve picked up cycling too. 🏃🏻‍♂️


GF is hinting hard that she wants to do the Kodiak 100 (100 miler in Big Bear, California). So I will probably be running more this year :sob: :joy:


Might be looking at the Mississauga Half or Toronto half in spring to build my confidence up for my HIM

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I’m in a bit of a funk at the moment. I had the best of intentions, I was going to do a big block of run training and then have a really good crack at a 10k race. Since entering the race almost nothing has gone right. I got ill (only a cold but it knocked me out for two weeks), then we have had about all the childcare problems that you can have which meant that my training plan was completely thrown out the window, and finally to cap it all off I manage to test positive for covid on the 29th so I am confined to the house!

But its OK, the race is on the 6th of February so I have a month to turn it all around :smiley:


Triathlete here targeting a Sep 2022 70.3IM. I am working on consistency and durability this year. I have had numerous calf strains over the past 4 years. I am targeting 4 runs/week and I am splitting my weekly volume with a 30%, 25%, 25%, 20% breakdown. I am following Garmin’s Suggested Workout, but I am controlling my weekly and daily run volume.

I am also prioritizing strength and mobility. Last year I started following Wahoo SUF/SYSTM strength plans for triathletes. They are mostly body weight and incorporate mobility in the workouts. I am also doing at least one additional day of “prehab” calf exercises and core.


11 runs so far in January, hoping for one more today. Mostly very easy, low HR, slow runs so overall mileage is still low but moved up to a fair aerobic pace at the weekly club run and started back at the weekly track 800s/1000s around 10k pace 400s around 5k pace.

Got myself loads of new shoes in the sales, 3 pairs and I’m eyeing up more :man_shrugging:t2: But I’m saving two for summer so just the Terra Kiger in rotation now:

Day/Type 3 Shoe Rotation
M Easy Miler
T Tempo Floatride
W Easy Terra Kiger
T Speed Floatride
F Easy Miler
S Long Terra Kiger
Wet alternate Terra Kiger
Treadmill alternate Peg 36

Track was cancelled last Thursday so an excuse to get the treadmill and Zwift Run set up - not sure how much I’ll do there this winter but I’ve signed up for the TdZ Run.

So. All good so far, calves starting to feel a bit tight so have to makes sure I’m doing some eccentric calf raises.


Woman American record for half and full marathon today at Houston marathon!

So cool to hear


I had quite a few friends run Houston and all had a great day. Guess it’s just one of those days where it clicked for most of the field. Had a bit a FOMO when I saw my Strava feed that day. Somewhat of a good thing as I’ve been struggling to get motivated following my last race in December.

My focus was running last year and clocked in just over 2000 miles, my highest mileage year ever. After my December race I felt super out of it and had little to no desire to run. Took several weeks off completely and just now starting to pick back up as there’s only 13 weeks until Boston.

I got caught up in the moment and signed up for Boston and Chicago which means a lot of running for most of the year. Now thinking I should have just opted for Chicago and focused on cycling until summer.


Theme a lot of miles :+1:

Good luck at Boston, I haven’t signed up for any running races. Flicking around my calendar I’m think I might be getting in run shape for May, not much point toeing the line until I’m ready. Looking for half marathons and 10ks after that date.

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Looking at the McMillan run calculator today, do these look right? Seems quite fast at the 400m end,

I’ve done a few half’s at 1h50 but I feel I am miles off a 1:20 400.

It definitely looks like an outlier! But it might be doable depending on how good you are at holding form around the track. There isn’t really time to claw it back with “a bit more effort” if the form goes.

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“Not good” at least, not yet. And I’ve never tried for a 400m PB so maybe in a few months I could get closer.

I’m not finding any good advice out there for people in my situation, I suppose there aren’t that many overweight multiple Ironman finishers out there turning to just running :smile: Although I’ve seen quite a few on course.

I even looked up running with a weighted vest for tips on google/YouTube…but no one is prepping for marathons in a 20kg weight vest :man_shrugging:t2:

At the moment I’m trying not to go all out at any distance, measured efforts. I can run a 49min 10k tri leg overweight at 83kg but I’m lugging 89kg around at the moment so holding good form for about 100m I reckon!

Looks okay. Some will run faster, many will run slower with the same say 1/2 marathon time.

When was the last time you ran an all out 400m? It very diff than a typical 400m repeat workout of equal work and equal rest.

Thats about 5:20 per mile…
Thats seem a bit aggressive given a 6:32 mile pace.
I would say maybe a 5:25 is more adequate
By all means… try to hit that, but don’t be discourage if you cant

IME the McMillan calculator is geared a little bit more towards track runners, so if you’re coming from a long course tri background it might be at bit ambitious when it comes to the more top-end stuff.
By the same token though, you might surprise yourself. A truly balls-out 400m is a bit of a different beast, and I think it’s difficult to contextualise if you’ve only raced longer events. I race track very occasionally and it usually takes a bit to rewire my brain for that kind of effort, haha.

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Hills can be good for that! Going hard up a hill is a lot less speed and impact than on the flat, and then you can cruise/walk the downhills. It also sort of forces you to work on form.
If you’re a treadmill guy, those also have a fair bit more give. Anecdotally I’ve found the same mileage/intensity on the treadmill leaves my legs feeling a lot less beat up, especially when it comes to intervals.


As other have noted, seems a bit aggressive. I typically follow Jack Daniels VDOT estimates and find those to work quite well throughout the full spectrum.

Based on a 150 HM it estimates anywhere between 1:37 to 1:51 for 400m depending on the type of rep. Eg inteval, repetitions and fast reps.

An all out might get you a few seconds under but not likely 17 seconds.

NOTE: That is an estimated PR race pace, not a training pace.


So I got curious and found this very interesting:

Seems like a few hours of mobilising and drills before the running starts and a main set some time after 11:00 finished 12:35 then physio and a nap.

Did any of you receive the RUNNING SURVEY from TR. They are trying to gauge interest in building in more running features into TR. This is similar to a feature request I made last year that unfortunately had no traction at all.

Anyway, if you’re a runner using TR please search for this email received Fri, Jan 21, 10:51 PM (in my email) and respond. It seems there is some consideration for using AI with running…YES!!! I really hope this gets some attention.

For what its worth here is my original post: