TR Swimming Thread 2024

Following @KickrLin’s great example in starting the 2024 running thread, here is a thread for cyclists with a swimming problem, or swimmers with a cycling problem.

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In 2022 I swam consistently about 2 times per week for a couple of months, then dropped it as life got busy. Last year I did about 1 run (more of a jog) per week for a couple of months, but found that I needed to do at least 2x/week, otherwise the DOMS impacted my next cycling workout, and didn’t have the time for that - I’m apparently getting too old for that much work for the amount of recovery I’m (not) able to get.

Anyway, I’m thinking about resuming swimming and am opening this thread for training questions, advice, race plans, etc.

I don’t consider myself a swimmer (summer swim team in elementary school doesn’t count for me), so in the past I’ve followed parts of the swimming routines from TR’s triathlon plans just to have some structure and something to do. Any free plans or advice would be appreciated! Thanks, and looking forward to great discussions!

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It took me all of 2023 to finally go under 20 minutes for 1000m.

Earlier in the year I did 20:10 and then 20:10 again the beginning of December.

At a coached session we did a 1000m TT where I did 20:18 (got faster and faster started a touch too slow) That was 21st Dec.

26th Dec I finally got sub 20 with a 19:28

Hoping to go sub 19min in the first half of 2024.


Well done!

It took me almost 2023 to get worse at swimming… :sob:

My last swim was December 2022. :see_no_evil:

Looking forward to doing some swimming in 2024!

Trying to get back to swimming regularly after about a year off. Makes me sad. I’ve always enjoyed swimming in the past- I’m competent if by no means fast so I’ve always been happy to pootle along at the back, and I love the open water- but right now it’s at the stage where It’s just hard work and doesn’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. Though I haven’t been sticking to it enough to complain- I just need to get over it and get the sessions in. Just finished a club challenge this week where I swam every day for a week- doubt the fatigue will do me any favours, but if it gets me back in the habit I’ll consider it a win :joy:


My advice is that you join a masters program w/a coach and swim a lot more than you are currently swimming. I’d wager (maybe lose) that most of triathletes who don’t swim well have no problem cycling 5d/wk w/some swims and runs or running 5d/wk w/some rides and swims. But for whatever reason, the idea of swimming 5d/wk w/some bikes and runs is unacceptable.

Before my first triathlon back in the mid-90s, I joined a master’s program w/a coach. He had me swim across the pool and back (50m). I was gassed, no joke :sweat_smile: Next, he told me to come as often as I could and just swim back and forth for an hour. No workouts or anything. After about 2wks of 3d/wk, he walked over and gave me some tips. After about a month, I was going 5d/wk. After about 6wks he finally gave me a workout sheet. I’ll never forget how happy I was. It was like I had officially been accepted as a swimmer, albeit a :poop: swimmer. This pool had Olympic gold medalists and Kona age-group podiums swimming about. Absolutely amazing to see how effortless they made it look. Anyway, from then on I was doing ~3000-3500m of structured swimming M-F. After 3mo, IIRC I was able to swim 1500m ~23-24min. Nothing fast, but way faster than when I started, way faster than I imagined was possible. Post swims there were often groups heading out for runs or bikes immediately afterwards. So, swim/bike and swim/run bricks during the week. The thought of a swim/run makes me ill as I type this, what a horrible feeling.

Point is you might/probably have to make swimming a priority for a while, which many are loathe to do since it’s no fun when you suck and/or because the thought is that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.