The Ironman Training Thread 2023

Once again it’s here!

Forget Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve: this is what you’ve been waiting for.

I started these threads primarily as therapy/support for anyone subjecting themself to the Full or Half distance training plans, or otherwise building themselves up to iron distance races! :swimming_woman::biking_woman::running_woman:

Ironman or any other brand doesn’t matter, anything long course; half to full distance or similar/longer. Short course thread is elsewhere.

This will be my tenth season and as always hopefully my most successful - I hope it will be for you too.

The 2022 thread

The 2021 thread

The 2020 thread

The 2019 thread

There will be a monthly roll call where we all post the previous months training, successes and failures. Post your username, and if you have a race signed up, the Official name of the race and month it takes place. We’d also be interested in what plan you’re following, a half or full TR plan , part TR part something else, or something else entirely.

Athlete Month Race Distance Finisher Plan
PawelKozela 3 IM Taupo Full Y
Leocbuc 4 70.3 Oceanside Half Y
Alen 4 70.3 Texas Half Y
Alen 4 IM Texas Full Y
Gesteves 5 70.3 St. George Half Y TR FD HV
GreenRyan88 5 70.3 St. George Half Y TR Polarised + custom
Mkanizay 5 IM Australia Full Y
Rhodrig27 5 Ironman Lanzarote Full
Smooh 5 Nooga 70.3 Half
Wayne_Smith 5 Outlaw half Half DNS
SloaneKathryn 5 White Lake Half TR FD MV
SloaneKathryn 6 70.3 Blue Ridge Half
Toribath97 6 70.3 Cairns Half
Pstalley 6 70.3 Des Moines Half
GreenRyan88 6 Cotswold 113 Half
Windyyet 6 Eagleman 70.3 Half Plan Builder HD LV
Paul_Astuto 6 Eagleman 70.3 Half Coached
Tribuddha 6 Eagleman 70.3 Half
Billabong 6 Eagleman 70.3 Half Coached
teamsuchevich 6 Eagleman 70.3 Half
Badauberman 6 Eagleman 70.4 Half TR HD MV
Gesteves 6 IM Coeur d’Alene Full
MikeMcKinney 6 IM Coeur d’Alene Full 80/20 Endurance
ThyTri 6 Kraichgau Half
JoeX 7 IM Frankfurt Full Plan Builder FD LV
Chadvt 7 IM Lake Placid Full TR FD MV
SloaneKathryn 7 IM Lake Placid Full
Simon_Davies 7 Ironman UK Full Full Distance MV plan
Murph333 7 Muskoka 70.3 Half
Ecnerwal 7 Muskoka 70.3 Half
PhilippePhlop 7 Mussleman Half
Bbdude 7 Mussleman Half DNS
MikeMcKinney 7 Oregon 70.3 Half
Wayne_Smith 7 Outlaw Full DNS
cbandyxxx 7 Outlaw Full
Nicco 7 Outlaw Full
Wayne_Smith 7 Outlaw Holkham Half
Agbatten 7 Route 66 Half TR HD LV
Gesteves 8 Echo Half
TG333 8 Lahti 70.3 WC Half Coached
Crosshemi 8 Lahti 70.3 WC Half
Matthewgreer 8 Michigan Titanium Half DNS
Willfromny 9 70.3 Jones Beach Half
teamsuchevich 9 Atlantic City 70.3 Half
GreenRyan88 9 IM Wales Full
Rhodrig27 9 Ironman Wales Full
MikeMcKinney 9 Maple Valley 70.3 Half
Paul_Astuto 9 Santa Cruz
Pstalley 9 IM Wisconsin Full
Muskiecat 9 70.3 Harvest Moon Boulder Half
Nicco 9 IM Nice Full
Ron_Williams 10 IM California Full TR Cyclocross + custom
Windyyet 11 IM Arizona Full
Muskiecat 11 IM Arizona Full


I’m registered for Route 66 Half triathlon (July ‘23). Will follow TR Half Iron base/build/specialty—base will be LV and build/specialty will likely bump up to MV. This will be my fifth half distance race and hopefully a PR—would love to finally crack 5 hours (PR of 5:05 currently).

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Unfortunately, i didn’t took the spot for challenge roth. No im distance for this year again. Just some 70.3, Kraichgau, Nice and lahti if i paa the cut


Will be doing Eagleman 70.3 in June following Plan Builder HD LV. Either Cozumel or Arizona full in November following Plan Builder FD LV. Anyone has suggestions on either of those two fulls?


Thanks for setting this up again, Joe. I’ll be doing IM 70.3 St. George in May, IM Coeur d’Alene (my A race) in June, and Echo Triathlon (half distance) in July. I’m currently following the high volume full distance plan on TrainerRoad.


@JoeX thanks for setting this up - I’ve been looking forward to it.

I still have these events in the diary but haven’t trained since 12 November due to post covid heart problems. Still have some ongoing issues but I’m hoping to have better news by the February roll call

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Can I sign up with this. I think the accountability will do me some good!

I’m going to see how I get on with some of the polarised plans adding in my own run and swim work.

Races on the calendar are;

IM St. George 70.3 - May
Cotswold 113 - June
IM Wales - Sept

I’ll be sprinkling a few other bits and pieces along the way including some local sprint distance races and hopefully some runs only.

Don’t wish me luck… Wish me dedication and consistency :joy:


IMWC…maybe? Probably not. I’m assuming I’ll defer to Kona 2024.

I’ll probably race some local 70.3s. TBD still.

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I’m here for the inspiration. Thanks for setting this up!

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Nooga 70.3 next May, marathon in between


Thanks for setting this up!

I’ll be doing my first 2 half distance events this year (coming from a cycling only background). Have not finalized taxes yet but thinking about Western Mass or Eagleman in June and Santa Cruz or AC in September.

I am following the training of a coach I am working with.

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Happy new year @JoeX and all!

Coach has drawn up my plan for January and after weeks and months of medium volume and zero structure I am looking forward to getting some work done!

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This is also by big hairy goal for the year. I’m quite a long way off…but I have a plan :slight_smile:

@Wayne_Smith Plenty of time, take it for recovery. I got it in June and took it really easy coming back over several weeks. Raced fine in October.

Welcome and sweet - I should be toeing the line with you there :slight_smile:

This is my A race, unusually IM Frankfurt is my B race.


After several years focussed on the full distance, I made great gains doing olympic training in ‘21 and set an IM PB off the back of it. I’m trying to repeat those gains by focussing on 70.3 distance this year after being held up by all sorts of issues in ‘22.

I’m using HD LV, the idea this year is to be more consistent rather than higher volume than ‘21.

My focus at the moment is on health; sleep has been a problem all my life, I’ve recently found a way to get over 7hrs sleep. My body fat % and blood pressure is high, I believe these are my major performance limiters - far beyond training. Major success I think this year will come from health improvements.


Thanks @JoeX for setting this up again! I’m tackling my second full at IM Lake Placid with the goal of going sub 11 hours and qualifying for Kona in 2023. Lead up events will probably include a local NC half (White Lake) in May and Ironman 70.3 Blue Ridge in June!

Following full mid volume as high volume was just too much last year, and I’m going to have a lot of other life stress getting my start-up off the ground now that we have funding in 2023!


Hey all. Long time first time here. I’m racing Oceanside and Santa Cruz 70.3s this year with the big goal being to qualify for Taupo ‘24. Coming off the back of a pretty successful season despite tremendous life and work stress and thinking this year has the potential to be SOLID.


I aged up yesterday. This year my A races I will be Eagleman and IM Maryland. There will be a numerous B and C races thrown in as the year goes. Those races start this weekend with the first of a three race distance series (6, 10, and 12) leading up to the Shamrock Half Marathon (B+) in March.

My coach writes my training plan, this year in addition to Trainer Ride workouts he is going to create very specific workouts for me in TrainingPeakes which I upload to the Garmin.


I am doing my first full distance IM, Lake Placid in July. Doing the TR full distance plan, mid volume.


Free Ironman Florida 2022 photos.

Took me a long time, but I finally got around to fully editing my set of photos from IM Florida 2022. If you competed that day, decent chance I have a photo of you. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Ironman Florida 2022 by JustinDoesTriathlon (